Amel Bent, sublime in a tight crochet dress

Amel Bent is back on stage and is having a great time in terms of style. Her latest look? A sensual multicolored dress.

  Amel Bent, sublime in a tight crochet dress

This is the recovery for Amel Bent ! The singer, who gave birth to her third child last April, has found her way back to festivals. The opportunity for the French star to take out her finest attire.

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Present at Venoge Festival in Switzerland, the artist made several remarkable appearances on stage. First, wearing a patch pocket cargo jeans and a denim crop top with rhinestone fringes. Then, in a long multicolored crochet slit dress . This openwork piece is signed Daily Paper and is sold for 149.95 euros on the Dutch brand's website. A colorful and stylish outfit, perfect to end the summer in style.

How did Amel Bent dress when she was young?

Amel Bent in concert in Paris in 2005

The career of Amel Bent ( Amel Bent Bachir of his real name ) started in 2004. She then participated in season 2 of the show New star . The competition, she finishes it on the podium, in third place. Since then, the singer has released no less than sept albums . Between two tours, she plays the roles of coach in the show The Voice: The Most Beautiful Voice . Always with a style as unique as his vocal performances.

Low waist pants and asymmetrical tops: in her early days, the singer mastered a look that is now referred to as Y2K . If she used to prefer neutral shades, she did not hesitate, on the red carpets, to opt for more pop colors.

What is Amel Bent's style today?

The young woman has grown up: now she puts on unstructured parts with silky materials. The one who lives in Neuilly-sur-Seine does not deny herself anything and gladly puts her figure forward with low-cut tops and bodycon dresses . A look appreciated on social networks: on Instagram, there are many accounts that detail her outfits.

Amel Bent at the NRJ Music Awards in 2020

What are her most memorable red carpet looks?

Difficult to put Amel Bent in a box. The singer oscillates between dresses mermaids transparent and loose trouser suits. Always with a mad elegance and an infectious joie de vivre. Formerly complexed by her body, she has long been muse Weight Watchers . The one who sang I have only one philosophy, to be accepted as I am 'seems to have put diktats aside today — and that suits him perfectly.

What are her most memorable concert looks?

On stage, Amel Bent wants to be comfortable. It is therefore no surprise that she opts for flowing pants and blouses . Enough to be free to move, to deliver the best performance possible. During particularly important events, such as the NRJ Music Awards, she puts on a show in mini or neon robe.

What are her most memorable The Voice looks?

Every week, Amel Bent delights viewers with original outfits . We will remember in particular an apple green cardigan signed Lecourt Mansion or a close-fitting golden net dress. During the 2022 edition of the show, very pregnant, Amel Bent did not hesitate to draw her finery. Tight dresses Choices that always arouse many reactions on social networks.

What do her favorite casual looks look like?

On a daily basis, Amel Bent relies on simplicity. Well-cut pieces, in which she feels comfortable. Jeans, polo shirts, short skirts, oversized shirts... From time to time, she puts on sets of jogging , perfect for busy days, or for climbing on a plane.

Amel Bent parades for the Lecourt Mansion brand in Paris in 2022

What are Amel Bent's favorite brands?

In her wardrobe, Amel Bent creates a dialogue between designer pieces - signed Courreges , jean paul Gaultier , Prada or The Attico — and more mainstream clothing. Very aware of trends, she does not hesitate to adopt the fashionable brands of the moment: Jacquemus , Rotate , Isabel Marant or even Amina Muaddi are among its references. She also turns into a muse for creators. Frequently invited to the parades of designer Giambattista Valli, she has also paraded for the brand of Nix Lecourt Mansion when Fashion week fall-winter 2022-2023.

How to copy the looks of Amel Bent?

The watchword: have fun. On the stage as in the city, the singer prefers outfits color block or monochrome, always accessorized with care. To adopt its look, all you have to do is choose strong pieces, with unstructured volumes. With, here and there, touches of pop and fluorescent colors. Real child's play!