Amel Bent reveals her makeup secret to enlarge her eyes

Amel Bent made a makeup tutorial on Instagram, revealing at the same time her secret to nicely enlarge her eyes. Here are her easy-to-copy make-up tips.

 Amel Bent reveals her makeup secret to enlarge her eyes

Demi cut crease, eyeliner smoked and XXL false eyelashes: Amel Bent proves to us that she is a expert makeup. We explain how to reproduce her eye makeup.

Amel Bent's false eyelashes

Seasoned Beautysta, Amel Bent is always displayed with superb beauty enhancements, marked by impeccable make-up or an ultra-trendy hairstyle. The singer 37 years old once again seduced beauty lovers by posting on her Instagram account, on October 30, the tutorial for her magnificent makeup. Directed by Amel Bent herself as seen on the Instagram video, this makeup features dark pink tones, perfect for an autumnal look that stays bright and feminine. To achieve this look brilliantly, the French star used several techniques to enlarge the look: the demi cut crease, the smoky eyeliner and the fake eyelashes XXL. Thus, Amel Bent offers a large elongated look, which sublimates his brown irises.

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How to copy Amel Bent's makeup?

To start eye makeup, the first step is to make the demi cut crease which makes it possible to accentuate the hollow of the eyelid, thus creating a depth to the gaze. Like Amel Bent, start by applying a light shade to the entire eyelid which will serve as a base, before placing a brown shadow in the outer corner of the eye. Stretch this dark shade towards the temples then blend it into the crease of the eyelids. Do the same with a dark pink blush to bring a colorful touch to the make-up. Repeat this process on the lower lash line. For' eyeliner, trace the comma with a brown blush, which will stretch the look gently. Finally, finish with XXL false eyelashes to lengthen the look. And here is a sumptuous eye makeup inspired by Amel Bent!