Amandine Pellissard (Large Families): Soon in prison? His past in question, explanations!

Amandine Pellissard, emblematic candidate of the program 'Large families: life in XXL', was invited on the set of Jordan de Luxe. On this occasion, the mother of the family revealed that she had been convicted of stealing food. She is now at risk of prison… Explanations.

  Amandine Pellissard (Large Families): Soon in prison? His past in question, explanations!

Since his participation in the flagship program of TF1 Large families : life in XXL , Amandine Pellissard seemed to lead a happy life. Influencer, social media star, entrepreneur, all the sliders seemed to be green, until his past resurfaced. Guest Tuesday, September 13 in the show At Jordan's broadcast on Tele-Leisure , the mother of 8 children indulged in incredible confidences .

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A theft of food to feed his children

If the Pellissard family opened the doors of its privacy to viewers, the public was far from suspecting of the heavy secret that weighed on the mother of the family . Anxious not to hide anything from her fans, Amandine Pellissard took advantage of her time at Jordan de Luxe to reveal what worries her so much: she could well be incarcerated .

in cause? A theft of food for his children that she would have committed a few years ago, when her husband Alexandre and she found themselves in an impasse. ' As I am pregnant with my sixth child, I have to be hospitalized. I find myself in pathological arrest so I cannot continue to work (...) Alexandre, who has been a permanent employee in an industrial bakery for more than 10 years, finds himself fired almost overnight (...) We find ourselves a little stuck by the throat with no income at all for several weeks ' , she explains. Without a salary to support her family, she decides to steal food. ' I found no other solution at the time than to steal food from a store for my children ', she confides.

“I took six months firm”

Despite the alerts, Amandine Pellissard continues to steal food. A ritual that works until the day she gets caught. ' I found myself in custody “, she admits, recalling that she had not taken more than 200 euros of exclusively food products. An offense which will earn her the first time to go to trial. But the fate seems to be falling on the mother family since on the day of the hearing, she cannot go there. And for good reason ! She is giving birth. ' I had chosen to ensure my defense alone . I took six months firm. The fact that I didn't show up at the hearing, I think that didn't work in my favor “, she confides

New appeal trial: 'They have sentence adjustments'

Following this decision, the young woman appealed . During the next trial, the date of which she does not yet know, she will be well accompanied this time. ' Now I have a lawyer. I also know that I am a mother, I work, I am an entrepreneur and that for sentences of less than one year in prison, they have sentence adjustments .', she explained visibly more confident, without clearing herself. ' I didn't have to do this. I'm absolutely not looking for excuses . Even if I had reasons that led me to steal food at that time, it was absolutely not excusable “, she promised.