Amandine Pellissard (36), pregnant and anxious: Why is she in 'high risk pregnancy'?

Amandine Pellissard, pregnant with her ninth child, is anxious. Her pregnancy is 'high risk' and the 36-year-old mother needs to be watched 'like milk on fire'. What is the source of his concern?

  Amandine Pellissard (36), pregnant and anxious: Why is she in"grossesse à haut risque" ?

Amandine Pellissard , pregnant with her 9th child , is not reassured in the face of this new pregnancy. The mother of 8 children, whom you discovered on the TF1 show Large Families, Life in XXL (program of which she slammed the door), waited a long time for this future baby (especially after several miscarriages in recent years), but at several months of pregnancy and while her baby bump is already clearly visible, she is not yet totally relieved.

Amandine Pellissard, worried: her 'high-risk pregnancy'

On a live Instagram, Amandine Pellissard explained to her subscribers why this pregnancy worried her: ' I am considered to be in high risk pregnancy , given the treatment I have been on for years'. The wife of Alexandre Pellissard, who used heroin when young, must now take methadone , a lifelong treatment for relieving opioid addiction. 'There are a lot of factors to take into account, so you have to be very careful, be very careful. And it's true that when I'm pregnant, I'm watched like milk on fire ', said the mother, now 36 years old.

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Amandine Pellissard is also worried about the likelihood that her future baby will be affected by the withdrawal syndrome . The fetus can indeed be passively impregnated by the methadone she consumes. ' As long as it only harms me, it's fine. That it could affect my baby, I never accepted that though... Knock on wood really, thank God: it never happened to me, none of my children had withdrawal syndrome ', she detailed. And to add: ' But it's always complicated to live a serene pregnancy with this weight on your shoulders, bullshit you did between 17 and 19 years old '.

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Amandine Pellissard, pregnant: she smokes 7 to 8 cigarettes a day

Usually rather fond of alcoholic beverages , Amandine Pellissard has stopped using since she found out she was pregnant. As for cigarettes, she does not consider herself capable of quitting smoking, but tries to reduce her consumption. ' I'm a basic heavy smoker, so when I'm pregnant I try to reduce as much as possible to achieve: either a full stop or very little, like 2/3 a day “, she said in her live Instagram.

' My midwife always told me: it's better to smoke 2/3 a day and not be 24 of tension than to stress yourself out because you're craving nicotine and craving cigarettes ', she detailed before specifying: ' There, I'm happy, I went below 10. J'en smoke 7/8 '.

For this mother - reconverted in the world of X and who does not intend to stop her new job - who has nevertheless given birth to eight children, pregnancy is probably not a cakewalk!