All to Compost! 2023: who is the sponsor of the 10th edition?

Organized throughout France on the return of sunny days, Tous au Compost! is a garden event not to be missed. Dates, list of activities offered around this exciting theme and identity of the sponsor revealed, you will know everything about the next edition of Tous au Compost!.

  All to Compost! 2023: who is the sponsor of the 10th edition?

In the four corners of France and every year since 2013, the Tous au Compost! makes a point of honor promote the practice of local composting of organic waste : whether domestic (individual composter, vermicomposter...), shared (in a building, district, collective platform...) or in an establishment (collective catering, restaurants, canteens...). In 2022, 40,000 participants took part in the event and 635 organizers around 1,550 events were present. What will it be this year?

What is Tous au Compost! ?

Organized by the Réseau Compost Citoyen, with the support of ADEME, the Foundation for the Progress of Man and the Rustica Foundation, All to Compost! lasts two weeks. A fortnight during which the local composting of organic waste is in the spotlight. In all friendliness, events, exhibitions, initiations, conferences and training allow the general public to meet environmental professionals . Committed volunteers, masters and guides-composters involved are then happy to inform, raise awareness and develop the practice of local composting as well as the local management of bio-waste for anyone who wants to learn or improve their skills.

What dates is Tous au Compost! ?

The 10th edition of All to Compost! will take place from Saturday March 25 to Sunday April 9, 2023 throughout France and will focus on: Together, let's bring the soil back to life!

Who is the godfather of Tous au Compost! ?

The identity of the sponsor of the 10th edition of Tous au Compost! has been unveiled and it is... Jamy Gourmaud ! Fervent defender of the environment, intrepid, curious and a great transmitter of knowledge and knowledge, he became known as co-host of This is not rocket science . The popular science program that has become cult, broadcast from 1993 to 2014 on France 3.

It is then found with other educational programs - Jamy's World on France 3 and the daily C Cavities on France 5 in 2021. A program born from the successful concept of the videos of its YouTube channel Jamy-Épicurieux (over 1.3 million subscribers). An ideal sponsor for this event, the objective of which will be to raise awareness among the French about the sorting of bio-waste and to guide them in the entry into force of the AGEC law, in January 2024, which we explain to you here:

Find the map of events to find the one or those organized near you as well as the calendar by departments online at tousaucompost.frSource