'All these checks so generous': Brigitte Bardot, very spoiled for her 88 years, thanks her fans

Brigitte Bardot received lots of gifts for her 88th birthday on September 28. She therefore thanks today all her fans for these presents and “these generous checks” in a short message posted on her Twitter account.

"Tous ces chèques si généreux" : Brigitte Bardot, très gâtée pour ses 88 ans, remercie ses fans

The former film actress Brigitte Bardot celebrated its 88th birthday on September 28. To thank all her fans for the messages and gifts she received to celebrate her birthday , she took to Twitter and sent her followers a sweet note on October 3, 2022. The animal rights activist is not used to giving many interviews but is very active on her networks social where she expresses her radical positions on the animal cause.

Thanks for 'these generous checks'

Through her few posted words, the film actress Contempt , And God created the woman or The truth seems very moved by all the generosity of his fans. In a handwritten note dated September 28, BB expresses his gratitude and begins with: ' Thank you, thank you, thank you for spoiling me so much for my birthday! '. She continues and describes all the gifts she received: ' All your cards full of this love that you offer me! All those beautiful flowers that brightened my day and all those gifts, from your heart, that enchanted mine. ' But not only, Bardot also thanks his fans for ' all those generous checks for my foundation! (...) My emotion is as strong as the love I have for you. '

His moving message and filled with gratitude reacted a lot in the comments, Internet users were very touched. ' It's normal that we spoil you! You are OUR QUEEN to us! ' replies one of his fans, ' We thank you Brigitte ' adds another. A user answers him with an open heart: ' Dear Brigitte, thank you!!! Thank you for highlighting the most beautiful of causes, that of the animal condition, that of the voiceless!!! 50 years that I love and admire you. You are an exceptional woman! Well done and thank you for everything!!! '.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation : le combat de sa vie

Very committed to the animal cause, the former actress created the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation in 1986 in order to protect all animals, both in France and around the world. It has even been recognized as a public utility since 1991. Brigitte Bardot's famous property, La Madrague in Saint-Tropez, belongs to the foundation. The former model is known for her positions on the issue and her rants on social networks. She often speaks out to denounce slaughterhouses, bullfights or animal experiments.

She also strongly tackled President Emmanuel Macron last April in a public letter where she compared him to the much maligned Russian President, Vladimir Putin, reproaching him for his largesse with the president of the hunters, Willy Schraen. ' This allegiance is despicable of you, begging for the votes he brings you in return. You are the 'Putin' of nature and animals, a despicable and despised bloodthirsty destroyer “, she wrote.

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