Alicia is eliminated from the Best Pastry Chef 2022

Alicia, the young Alsatian of the Best Pastry Chef 2022, was eliminated this Wednesday, October 19. Find out the reasons for his departure.

  Alicia is eliminated from the Best Pastry Chef 2022

[Updated October 19 at 11:28 p.m.] Alicia , 26, was eliminated from the Best Pastry Chef 2022 this Wednesday, October 19. The young Alsatian, as feminine as she is persevering, distinguished herself in this eleventh season by her taste for beautiful things.

Unfortunately, Alicia did not convince Cyril and Mercotte during the Halloween-style lightning challenge, since she suffered a flop. The young woman came 6th out of 9 during the Mercotte technical test and did not really seduce Thierry Marx with her scary Halloween creation. Check out Alicia's journey below.

What is his background?

Blonde, made up, dressed… Alicia is a trendy young woman who embraces her femininity. This lover of pastry shop will surprise you: she is a truck driver! ' Being feminine in a man's world is not easy because there are still a lot of stereotypes, but here is 'girl power' all the way. Me, I don't pay attention to the comments, I'm going, I'm going! “, explains the young woman.

If Alicia was chosen among 10,000 candidates to participate in this season of the Best Pastry Chef, embarking on the adventure was not easy. ' I was full of doubts, lack of self-confidence, prone to fear of other people's eyes and judgments ', she recalls. In the end, having this experience seemed too unique to her to let it go! Alicia promises her Instagram followers ' naturalness and lots of blunders ahead! '. His purpose on the show: ' bring the cup back to Alsace! '.

His universe in pastry

Alicia's pastry is just like her: beautiful and delicious! ' I like jeweled pastry, little gold leaves, little flowers, little touches of femininity ', details the Alsatian. The young woman acquired this taste from her grandmother and has progressed a lot since then, especially during confinement, she says. As talented in cooking as in pastry, Alicia always knows how to add the detail that will turn a cake into a one-of-a-kind creation. Will this quirky look grab the jury's attention?

What is Alicia's Instagram of Best Pastry Chef?

Brownie, cookie, dessert… Alicia's Instagram account (@ alicia_lmp11 ) will whet your appetite! The young woman, already popular on the network, often shares her recipes with her subscribers. You will be able to learn how to make a fresh salad, a tiramisu or even a homemade chakchouka. Between two pastry photographs, you will also discover his adorable pets, including his superb wolf dog. The young woman puts little emphasis on her private life, but regularly shares news in story. You may see Karel there, another candidate for the Best Pastry Chef 2022, with whom Alicia remained close. Finally, the young Alsatian is also present on TikTok. If you want to discover his recipes in preview, it will be here !