Alice Taglioni is 46 years old: Childhood, Miss Corsica, 'Life of parents', Dramas, Loves...

Alice Taglioni turns 46 on July 26. Her first role in a famous sitcom, the election of Miss Corsica, the death of Jocelyn Quivrin, father of her son Charlie, her love at first sight with Laurent Delahousse... Secrets (and complexes) of a multifaceted actress.

  Alice Taglioni at 46: Childhood, Miss Corsica,"Vie de parents", Drames, Amours...

Alice Taglioni turns 46 July 26. Sparkling, radiant and talented, the actress is a real fighter. She has lived through several hardships from which she has always managed to recover, stronger and more optimistic. Musician, actress, model, loving mother... Alice Taglioni wears many hats. His childhood , his passion for music, his first role in Helen and the Boys , the election of Miss Corsica , his complexes , his dramas , his anxieties , his love at first sight with Laurent Delahousse ...

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Secrets, passions and highlights of the life of Alice Taglioni

- Alice Taglioni was born on July 26, 1976 in Ermont, raised by dad of Lombard origin, director of a real estate company and an mother medical visitor .

- She has two brothers , named Samuel and Simon.

- The young teenager, growing up in the Protestant religion , spent a few years as cub among the Unionist Scouts and Scouts of France.

- Growing up, the teenager has an artistic streak and envisions a career as a pianist . She did the national conservatory of the Paris region, but also took acting classes ...and ultimately headed down that path.

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- In 1994, she made her first screen appearance in the sitcom Helen and the Boys , at 18 years old. She plays there, for one episode, the role of a groupie of the charming José. ' I don't have a very good memory of it. (...) I know that I had felt a little uncomfortable . I felt a little ogled . You really have to say what is. As a result, it did not at all make me want to rub shoulders with this environment. ', she recalled to Gala . ' I felt a look at me sexualized , very uncomfortable, which would certainly not pass today “, she added, more recently, to SHE .

- Two years later, Alice Taglioni is elected Miss Corsica . ' For me, it was really very special to be voted beauty miss: I was not at all comfortable with what I represented , with myself, my body… Not feeling good about myself. I was 20 years old “, she remembered at the microphone of France Inter .

But the young woman refuse finally to show up the election Miss France , convinced that another future awaits her. ' I still had – even though I didn't want to be an actress yet – this idea that something different was waiting for me; That doesn't mean it wasn't right, Miss France '. So she contacted Genevieve de Fontenay : 'I told him, 'I'm passing my award this year, it will block me ''.

- In 2004, Alice Taglioni met the actor Jocelyn Quivrin , on the set of the film Large school , by Robert Salis. Together, they have a son, Charlie, born on March 18, 2009. But a few months later, on November 15, 2009, the comedian dies of one car accident , while he is alone behind the wheel of his vehicle. A drama from which the actress manages to recover thanks to an unfailing strength of character. ' We have seen how much it is strong girl Jocelyn's Lords of the Burial ', had confided to Gala one of her friends.

- Alice Taglioni is a mum (very) anxious . ' When my son's nanny doesn't answer the phone right away, I'm sometimes tempted to call the police. I am anxious but I am curing myself . No question of transmitting my fears to my son ', she said in Current wife .

- In 2012, Alice Taglioni and Laurent Delahousse have a real coup de foudre live . While the actress is a guest of the 20 Hours of France 2, on the occasion of the release of the film Paris-Manhattan , by Sophie Lellouche, Laurent Delahousse conducts the interview... and the charm operates!

- Together, the journalist and the actress are parents of Swann, 6, and Lino, 2½ . 'It is thanks to them that I am a happy woman (...) At the same time, it is because of them (his children, editor's note) that I'm scared all the time, that I take my head, because the life of parents is horrible in fact. When you bring your child into the world, especially the first, it's a punch in the face. No more recklessness, lightness “, she told the SHE .

- Alice Taglioni was rather complexed by his physique until he was 25. ' I discovered with this job, that people found me pretty and I found it very pleasant. I ended up accepting myself as I am. I thank for the compliments, but I do not polarize on my physique. I'm careful, but it's not a concern, not an obsession. I'm going to put on a cream, apply a facial, take care of my skin… but I think the 'beauty' in quotes will come from my fulfillment ,.. no time spent looking at myself in the mirror “, she told us.

- She starred in the paper clip Martin Solveig , I Want You , in 2008.

- She was the muse of Lancel , between 2006 and 2008, and also poses for the luxury hairdressing brand Dessange, since 2014.

- Alice Taglioni tries to be attentive to respecting the environment and protecting the planet... but she does not have the level of ecological awareness of its offspring ! ' My children are already in this dynamic, and if I let the water run a little too long at home or if I make a mistake in the selective sorting, I lectured by my 5 year old daughter “, she let go in Madame Figaro .

- Since 2021, the actress has been a member of the troupe of the Enfoirés .