Alice Detollenaere facing breast cancer with Camille Lacourt: 'I was crying when I called him'

The companion of Camille Lacourt, who announced that she had breast cancer in January, confided in her mastectomy and the doubts that the disease caused in their relationship.

  Alice Detollenaere facing breast cancer with Camille Lacourt: 'J'étais en pleurs quand je l'ai appelé"

Love stronger than disease. While she confided to be suffering from breast cancer and having undergone mastectomy (a removal of the breast) last January, Alice Detollenaere overcame the disease, strong in the support of his companion, the swimmer Camille Lacourt . Lovebirds, in a relationship since April 2019 , looked back on the difficult months they both went through.
If the recovery was relatively quick, the fight was no less painful for the former Miss Burgundy. After learning that she had the disease, an unbearable doubt settled in the mind of Alice Detollenaere . The model told Paris Match : ' I was in tears when I called Camille. I must tell you that my father died not very long ago of throat cancer. '. The former beauty queen said she was 'going into survival mode' at this moment and asked if Camille [la] would leave ' .

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Together, no mountain will be impassable, I have seen and felt your strength, your courage and above all your generosity! You have decided to go public with your cancer, As if you were warning all the heroines in the shadows who are fighting against the same scourge, that it is not a shame! This battle, you won it, but above all you gave so much courage, strength and good vibes to the other warriors! You spent so many hours, finding the words for people you didn't know, to encourage them, inform them and explain to them what you had been through! This trauma of having a new breast that is not yours... How did you manage to appropriate it, to love it... For my part, I loved it instantly, it represents everything you are! It represents strength, courage, our unfailing mutual support, Love's victory over illness and so much more... I'm so proud and so in love with you! Courage to the shadow warriors and also to those who are there to support them! There are so many of us in this army, we can only win

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Alice Detollenaere, face to the mastectomy

' Hours of question' to give up for the athlete. The lovers decided together to face the mastectomy , which appeared to be the best solution. First of all, Alice Detollenaere did not wish to make the procedure public in order to preserve his relatives. She then chose to expose her illness. A decision supported by his companion: ' To silence a cancer is to lock it up: it gangrenes us from the inside ' , said Camille Lacourt .

Despite long and painful healing, the supermodel returned to the catwalk ' ten days after the operation ' . Now the young woman is considering having her other breast removed. in order to avoid any risk '. Now that the worst is behind them, lovers can finally focus on their projects. In addition to her career as an actress, Alice Detollenaere wants to launch a 'affordable wig line ', and in the somewhat more distant future, expand his family.

Camille Lacourt: 'This battle, you won it'

In January 2020, the model encouraged screening in an Instagram post: ' Because no one should feel isolated in this situation, because it should not be a shame or a taboo, go get your boobs checked girls '. And for good reason, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. He had notably touched the actress Valérie Benguigui, who died there in September 2013.

On February 4, the former Olympic athlete sent a sweet message to his girlfriend on Instagram to salute her courage: 'You have decided to go public with your cancer... This battle, you won it, but above all you gave so much courage, strength and good vibes to the other warriors!'.