Alexandra Lamy and her daughter Chloé Jouannet in Touchées: a disappointing audience for TF1, what score?

Alexandra Lamy and her daughter Chloé Jouannet collaborated together in the TV movie 'Touchées', broadcast this Thursday, September 22. An extraordinary experience that the star loved and commented on in an interview. Despite the promo, the audience is quite disappointing for TF1 …

  Alexandra Lamy and her daughter Chloé Jouannet in Touchées: a disappointing audience for TF1, what score?

[Updated September 23, 2022 at 10:03 a.m.] The 50-year-old actress Alexander Lamy , takes a new turn in his career. For the first time, she goes to the other side of the camera for the realization of the tv movie Affected , broadcast on Thursday September 22, 2022 on TF1 at 9:10 p.m. , a fiction on a theme close to his heart: the fight against violence against women and the long journey that follows to rebuild. In this scenario, the three heroines are enrolled in a somewhat special therapy, based on fencing. Alexandra Lamy's daughter, Chloe Jouannet , is the poster of this feature film, as well as the actresses Melanie Doutey and Claudia Tagbo. The neo-director confided in the experience of shooting a film with her daughter to several media. After the broadcast, the audience fell and it's quite disappointing.

What audience for Touchées on TF1?

As reported by the site Puremedia , the TV movie directed by Alexandra Lamy unfortunately only came in third place in the ratings. A disappointment for TF1, accustomed to big scores as recently with its event series The Fighters . ' An offer that convinced an average of 2.70 million viewers , or 14.0% of the public and 19.1% of women responsible for purchasing under the age of fifty (FRDA-50) “, specify our colleagues who also point out that, the week before, the end of the series Aim for the heart ' was watched by 2.88 million people . TF1 was thus beaten by M6 and France 3.

The first channel will probably soon be able to catch up with another strong program: Syndrome E .

Chloé Jouannet good actress? The opinion of Alexandra Lamy

For sound output very first telefilm as a director , Alexandra Lamy answers questions from our colleagues at TV 2 Weeks . She says she is delighted with her work: ' I think Chloe is a very good actress and that she sticks to the role '. The strength of her acting is due, according to Chloé Jouannet's mother, to one thing: ' She has this violence in her and at the same time this fragility . On set, she gave me a lot more than I could have imagined. '

She also explains that her role as a mother did not influence her in her choice: 'S If it had sucked, I would never have taken it. I would never have given such a poisonous gift to my daughter '. The actress concludes with a smile on her face: ' She may be 24, but she can come hug me when she hated it two seconds before... That's it kids! '.

Nearby Point , the star adds: ' When I saw the role of Tamara, I immediately imagined Chloé and not just because she was my daughter. There was no question of privileging her (...) I said to myself that she had the fragility of her character and at the same time this inner fire which only wanted to manifest itself. I wanted her to express this violence and I must admit that she gave me even more than I thought. '

Alexandra Lamy turns Chloé Jouannet, what relationship on the set?

The 50-year-old actress also explained on the set of C to you , on September 19, that she had tried to ' ignoring the mother-daughter relationship ' on set. ' I tried to do it right away (...) At the beginning, she said to herself 'I may not call her mum' but in fact, it's impossible. She called me right away mom “, she confided in the emission of France 5 . ' What is funny is especially to see your daughter grow up. It's true that I said to myself: ' this is my little baby , as long as she's on time...' Finally all these super ridiculous little things. But she don't really need you “, she added.

Alexandra Lamy: her first steps as a director

Near TV 2 Weeks , Alexandra Lamy also confides in this unprecedented experience behind the cameras: ' I had this desire for a long time. When I read the script, I said to myself that it was perhaps the best starting point for a first direction '. And what a successful first attempt! The star was honored at the last La Rochelle Fiction Festival with the prize for best TV movie .

The theme of this film, the fight against violence against women , being so important, it was especially not necessary ' miss the topic. I worked like crazy to make it go well '. With this project, Alexandra Lamy also has another goal: ' I absolutely wanted to highlight the work of the associations. I just showed them Touched, as well as in high schools. If the film makes it possible to serve as a support for talking about the violence suffered by women, that's great '.

Working for TV, a constraint?

Asked by Point upstream of the broadcast, Alexandra Lamy spoke about this shoot for TF1, ensuring that she was able to work as she saw fit. ' TF1 left me free. They trusted me even when I changed little things at the last moment. I had a royal peace. Television is a good educational medium for this type of subject. If this film had been released in cinemas, it would not have touched so many people. And I want to make films that are seen “, she said to our colleagues.

His only constraint was ultimately that of time! ' We only had 23 days of shooting, it's's very short! So there was no time to lose. I didn't have time to deal with each other's egos. That's why I needed great actresses who trusted me.' , she says.

Asked by Puremedia , she pushed her secrets about her work for the small screen: ' In writing, you have to think about ads. It's not 1h30 of film, it's two parts of 45 minutes cut by ads. In total, there are three advertising pages. Everything is timed. So I asked TF1 for the hour of the advertising pages to plan a scene that makes viewers want to come back. It's timed and it's long the pub. '