Albert II and Charlene of Monaco: their long-awaited big announcement in the heart of summer

Great news on the Rock: the princely couple Albert and Charlene of Monaco have just announced the reopening of an emblematic place in the Principality of Monaco, after 7 years of closure.

  Albert II and Charlene of Monaco: their long-awaited big announcement in the heart of the'été

It's been a busy summer for the princely couple of Monaco: Albert II and Charlene have announced the reopening of the Palace of the Princes to visitors. After 7 years of relentless restoration work to shed light on the beauty of the place and its exceptional heritage, the residence of Prince Albert II and his wife Princess Charlene is once again open to the public.

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Reopening of the Palais des Princes: respecting 'the environment and historical heritage'

A meticulously thought-out restoration, which today allows you to discover this high place of the principality. ' The approach chosen by the restoration team tends to respect both the environment and the historical heritage. ', specifies the official communiqué of the Palace. With its history dating back to the 12th century - when the Genoese laid the first stone of what would become the fortress of the Rock - the place has undergone many changes and improvements throughout its existence, and today shines brightly. a style with plural occurrences.

Albert II and Charlene of Monaco open the doors of their residence to the public

It is a great joy for the inhabitants of the Rock, symbolized by the reopening of the Palais des Princes, or Princely Palace. Place of residence of the Sovereign Prince, his wife Princess Charlene and their two children Jacques and Gabriella - the 7-year-old twins - tourists in search of authenticity will have the joy of discovering the gold of the Monegasque Palace . Open to visits from June to October, the residence of the Sovereign Family offers a remarkable spectacle to visitors, who will be ' seized by the magnificence of the Cour d'Honneur, but also by the great tranquility that emanates from it “, as stated in the official press release of the Palace.

The summer of all happiness for Albert and Charlene of Monaco

After long months of absence, Charlène of Monaco made a remarkable return to the Rock, determined to reconnect with her role as a princess, elegantly embracing her official outings and obligations. Concerned by the long-term stay in South Africa of their princess, the Monegasques can be delighted to see their Sovereign couple officiating in tandem during the highlights of the season, such as the gala of the Red Cross last July. It is still together that Prince Albert II and Charlene went to the Vatican to meet the Pope during a private audience. A summer under the sign of happiness for the Sovereign couple...