Alba Gaïa Bellugi, rebel of ONE ISLAND: 'It's difficult to grow up'

In 'Une Île', the new Arte series broadcast from January 9, Alba Gaïa Bellugi portrays the spontaneous character of Sabine, who will accompany the young mermaid Chloé in her quest for identity. The 24-year-old actress tells us behind the scenes, her desires, her ambitions.

  Alba Gaïa Bellugi, rebel d'UNE ÎLE : "C'est difficile de grandir"

At 24, Alba Gaia Bellugi begins its small way in the comedy with success and passion. The actress, who we had noticed in Untouchables by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache in 2011, brilliantly portrays the character, both extroverted and vulnerable, of Sabine, in the captivating new series of Arte, An island , broadcast from January 9 at 8:55 p.m. (and already available on
The actress thus gives the reply to Noée Abita , but also Laetitia Casta , who both camp dangerous sirens . One thing is certain: the bubbly sister of Galatea Bellugi (who was nominated for a César in the Best Female Hope category for her role in The Appearance by Xavier Giannoli in 2019) has not finished surprising us! Maintenance.

Alba Gaïa Bellugi in 'An Island'

Women's Journal: What appealed to you about the script?
Alba Gaïa Bellugi:
When I met Julien Trousselier, the director, in the Boulogne offices, we talked a lot about the character and the relationship between Chloé (played by Noée Abita, editor's note) and Sabine, my role. I liked the Thelma and Louise side of the ties that united them. I was quickly told that we had a fairly common side with Noée Abita, especially our brown hair color. So, I was asked to dye myself blonde and change my style.

How is this series different from anything you've done before?
Alba Gaïa Bellugi:
I had never dabbled in the fantasy genre before. I also liked the idea of ​​shooting on an island, I liked the character of Sabine, who is very radiant. I wasn't used to playing someone so charismatic. It's about women facing a hyper-violent world, but staying strong. They are the ones in charge. The message is inspiring, because it's not cliché.

It's about women facing a hyper-violent world, but they stay strong!'

Were there any particular difficulties on this shoot?
Alba Gaïa Bellugi:
Overall, it was very pleasant, because we were filming in Corsica. But we also shot at night, in November, it's a little colder and it becomes more complicated. Besides, there was a kind of mini-hurricane and I know it was a bit of hell for some actors who had to shoot at night (laughs). Above all, the filming was a veritable marathon since everything had to be completed in one or two months. We had to keep up the pace until the end. It was a challenge that was interesting. In terms of emotion, I was a little apprehensive about the end scene, I couldn't really imagine myself doing it given its intensity. Especially since because of the frenetic pace of a TV shoot, we didn't have any real rehearsals.

What brings you closer to your character?
Alba Gaïa Bellugi:
I really like her life force, her independence in the choices she makes, she frees herself from her family. We are quite different despite everything, but I have a lot of admiration for this character. She struggles to find her place and I think that's something we can all relate to. It's hard to leave adolescence and grow up. I am much less eccentric than her, but she has this constant will to fight injustice and it is something in which I recognize myself. I often say that we have to move and that we cannot let things overtake us.

Noée Abita and Alba Gaïa Bellugi in 'Une Île'

We realize this when we know that you started your film career very early...
Alba Gaïa Bellugi:
You have to be determined, it's advice I often give, but despite everything, I can't manage to apply it to my life. I would like to be someone very determined, but I don't think that's the case.

Was it difficult to start in this environment as a teenager?
Alba Gaïa Bellugi:
Not necessarily, because I was a child. For me, it was a parenthesis in my life, like a game. I went to school, I didn't talk about it too much, I didn't take it seriously. It was more recently that I realized that was what I wanted to do with my life. At no time did I find myself up against the wall. I was still very well surrounded by my loved ones, my family, the people with whom I worked. I have been very lucky.

The rest of your career, how do you imagine it?
Alba Gaïa Bellugi:
I like being able to touch everything, I appreciate the challenges. This series was one of them. I would like to continue to be surprised by roles that don't look like me...

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