Alain Souchon is 78: his Drama, his 'razor' Couple with Françoise, his famous Sons, his Ritual...

Alain Souchon turns 78 on May 27, 2022. The family secret that 'destroyed' him, the tragedy of his adolescence, the strange gift from Laurent Voulzy (who sent him to the hospital), his marriage with 'Belote'... and everything you (perhaps) didn't know about the singer who thirsts for the ideal.

  Alain Souchon is 78 years old: his Drama, his Couple"rasoir" avec Françoise, ses célèbres Fils, son Rituel...

Alain Souchon celebrates his 78th birthday on May 27, 2022. The interpreter of Sentimental Crowd has enchanted the French public for nearly 50 years, but remains relatively discreet about his private life. What do you know about Laurent Voulzy's sidekick? The dramas of his childhood, his attitude ' Shaver ' with his wife , are ' fond desperate ', are hospital stay (because of a donkey), its famous sons , what he thinks of older singers ...and everything you didn't know about the singer.

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Alain Souchon was an altar boy

Alain Kienast , his birth name, was born on May 27, 1944 in Casablanca, Morocco. Her mother , Madeleine Lemaître, from a wealthy Swiss family, is a novelist who writes under the pseudonym of Nell Pierlain.

Alain Souchon grows as altar boy. ' Then faith left me when I found the Rolling Stones “, he told the Sunday newspaper .

Alain Souchon: the family secret that 'destroyed his head'

If at first Alain Souchon took the surname of his adoptive father, he finally called himself 'Souchon' when he discovered that his biological father is actually her mother's lover, Pierre Souchon, an English teacher at the Lycée Claude-Bernard in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, who then becomes the second husband of Madeleine Lemaître .

This particular family situation disturbs him, especially in the school environment. ' So I had a first family, then another. Everyone has been extremely loving and caring to me, but of course, it broke my head “, he told the World . And to clarify: At school, I couldn't do anything, I wasn't concentrating. I made my friends laugh, to compensate. Has a Latin theme, I had received the note of a quarter. It was monstrous… I was disappointing '.

Alain Souchon: the drama of his adolescence

When he was only 14 years old, Alain Souchon faced the early death of his biological father, who died in a car accident . ' I wanted to hide my feelings. I wanted to cry all the time and at the same time, I told myself that he wasn't going to yell at me anymore. It was monstrous to think that, but in return, I gained freedom “, he told the World .

Alain Souchon's school results do not improve over time. So his mother decides to send him to a French high school in England. There, the teenager gets his first odd jobs . He gets hired in a pub and discovers popular music there, which he takes a liking to. In parallel, he passes his baccalaureate three times ...but fails on every attempt.

Back in France, Alain Souchon tries his luck in the middle of the song . He released three 45s, but went on to fail. The budding singer fails to make himself known to the general public and to live from his music.

Alain Souchon: love, paternity and first success

On the side of his sentimental life, the prospects are more joyful. He wife Francoise Villechevrolle , nicknamed Belote, on November 20, 1971, and quickly gave birth to a son named Pierre , in tribute to his late biological father.

But the artist does not manage to make ends meet, he who now has a dependent child. In 1973, he wrote the title Love for Frederic Francois . But Bob Socquet, artistic director of RCA Records, encourages Alain Souchon to interpret the piece. A piece of advice that he does well to follow, since the song is selected for the Rose d'or d'Antibes competition. The singer wins the special critics prize and the press prize . The beginning of the consecration...

Alain Souchon, sent to the hospital because of Laurent Voulzy

In 1974, Alain Souchon had an encounter that was about to change the rest of his life. He crosses the path of Laurent Voulzy , who sings in the same record company as him. The two men quickly forged a solid friendship and collaborated on numerous occasions. ' Alain has a somewhat desperate background. That doesn't stop him from being extremely funny, he often makes me laugh! The fact that we have opposite personalities brings a lot to both of us. “, told us Laurent Voulzy.

If he is grateful to Laurent Voulzy for all that he was able to bring him artistically, Alain Souchon does not forget that the interpreter of Jeanne once gave him a poisoned gift... a donkey! ' As he was riding the animal, he kicked, I waltzed in the air… Result, two broken ribs while I was on tour “, remembered Alain Souchon in the JDD .

Alain Souchon: who are his sons?

After each concert, Alain Souchon has a ritual good to him. ' Once the adrenaline of the concert subsided, I dine alone and find my hotel room . I won't even get drunk, alcohol always gave me a headache “, he told the JDD .

The sons of Alain Souchon, Peter and Charles , have both walked in the footsteps of their famous father. The first formed the group Les Look for noon with Julien Voulzy, son of Laurent Voulzy. As for his second offspring, he launched into music after a career as a graphic designer, and now sings under the stage name Ours .

Alain Souchon: why his wife finds him 'razor'

Today it is in its country house in Loir-et-Cher may the singer find peace. ' Paris is a work of art and a prison. I escape as soon as I can. I love taking my car and arriving in another world, with other landscapes, other smells, eating “, he explained to the JDD .

One of Alain Souchon's favorite hobbies? Hiking! A passion that earned him some criticism from his wife, Belote. ' Walking is a lifestyle . I take an army map, fix a point 20 kilometers away, and when I reach my destination, I call my wife to pick me up by car. She finds me boring “, he told the JDD .

Alain Souchon tackles Aznavour and Trenet

At 78, the singer sees himself dying on stage. He did not hesitate to tackle certain singers who had performed on stage at an advanced age, at the microphone of RTL Matin : ' I had gone to see Charles Aznavour, Charles Trenet at the end. I found that pathetic. They shouldn't show up like this . These people are such geniuses to show them diminishing like that... They sang badly. I'm afraid it will be the same for me '. That is what is said.

But do not panic, Alain Souchon does not intend to retire immediately. ' Well I tell myself that I have to prepare myself. That I remember the silly stories I tell between my songs. And I take lessons, which I do so that my voice comes back . The older we get, the less well we sing ', he assured. Alain Souchon is resolutely thirsty for the ideal...