Alain Souchon: his 'revenge', his dramas... His sons tell

This Friday, September 30, Laurent Delahousse dedicates his magazine 'Un jour, un destin' to Alain Souchon. A documentary in which the singer's relatives, including his sons, make surprising revelations...

  Alain Souchon: his"revanche", ses drames... Ses fils racontent

Entitled Alain Souchon, the soundtrack of his life , the documentary broadcast on September 30 on France 3 at 9:10 p.m., highlights the career of this nonchalant-looking artist. It is through his family, his friends and his musicians that spectators will discover the story of Alain Souchon. to the repertoire filled with hits Hello Mom Bobo at I am 10 years old , Passing by Jim's Ballad or Sentimental Crowd . To tell Alain Souchon, the program calls on the artist's relatives, as his eternal accomplice Laurent Voulzy or even Michel Jonasz, Louis Chedid, Thierry Lhermitte, Jane Birkin , Vincent Delerm and Edouard Baer. His sons Pierre and Charles, also musicians, as well as his brother Patrick, also lent themselves to many confidences.

Alain Souchon: his (surprising) jobs before fame

According to his son Charles, also known as the stage Ours , his father ' had revenge to take . He passed his baccalaureate many times to not have it in the end '. The other son of Alain Souchon, Pierre, remembers that before knowing the success, the singer made paint jobs, worked in an import-export box , and has even sold methods to learn English . While he was doing odd jobs, Alain Souchon met Françoise. ' She saw in my father a fantasy, a madness. She said to herself: 'He's funny, he's marginal,' added his son Pierre before clarifying: ' She was drawn to it. Meeting my mother gave her crazy confidence '.

Alain Souchon: this personal drama of which he made a song

Eclipsed by success Hello Mom Bobo , another song written and interpreted by Alain Souchon speaks of a terrible drama which touched the singer. Title Eighteen years that I have my eye on you , the song is dedicated to the artist's father, who died when the artist was just 14 years old . ' A truck whose driver has lost control and who turns out to be in a drunken state hits us, and we lose our father ', remembers his brother Patrick in the documentary. A drama that changed the life of Alain Souchon, according to his son Charles: ' My father doesn't say he was unhappy, he was just a lost child '.

Souchon-Voulzy: the secret of their complicity

Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy, an unalterable artistic and friendly duo, saw their paths cross almost 50 years ago while working together on I'm ten years old , success of the 70s. Alain Souchon also signed the lyrics of the tube Rockcollection for Voulzy. An obvious complicity for Pierre Souchon. ' Laurent is solar, cool, relaxed and my father is fascinated by that “, he explained. A shock duo that continues to exist …