Alain Delon marked by the death of his wife Nathalie: tender tribute 2 years later, 'I miss you...'

Nathalie Delon died two years ago but remains in the hearts of those close to her. And Alain Delon just like his son, Anthony, made it known with tender words to pay tribute to him…

  Alain Delon marked by the death of his wife Nathalie: tender tribute 2 years later,"Tu me manques..."

On January 21, 2021, Francine Canovas , better known as Nathalie Delon , died of pancreatic cancer. She was the first wife of Alain Delon , from 1964 and to 1969. Together, they gave birth to Anthony, on September 30, 1969. And the former lovebirds remained very close despite their divorce. It's no wonder father and son took to the internet to pay tribute to the first woman in their lives . Touching messages filled with nostalgia and love.

Alain Delon in mourning for Nathalie: tribute to his late wife

It is near the AFP that Alain Delon wished to address a love poem to his former wife: 'With you, I had my first son, Anthony. With you, I understood that the passion could be infinite... Two years already... I miss you, if you only knew …', he wrote, along with a photo of the couple. Words that are not surprising after the tribute that the actor had made on the first anniversary of the death of Nathalie Delon. Cheetah had already shared a few words by then. 'One year already... a thought of love for Nathalie and for all who knew and cherished her' , he said to Paris Match .

Anthony Delon, still torn by mourning

When he died, he explained that they had kept good contacts: 'I also feel sorry for my son and my three granddaughters. It's very hard to lose a mother, like a grandmother. We were stayed in constant contact . We saw each other often. I was part of her life, she was part of mine.'

For Anthony Delon, the exercise is all the more difficult as he was very close to his mother. On Instagram, in the caption of a photo of Nathalie Delon, he writes: ' They say that with time it passes… I know it's true. However, for the moment the magic does not operate at all. Two years already. Miss you more then ever' . A message that moved its subscribers who did not fail to share their affection. 'Courage my darling I love you very much' , writes Luana Belmondo. 'Anthony it doesn't go away, no never just we get used to living with this open wound' , whispers a subscriber.

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The only wife of Alain Delon who passed in front of the mayor!

Nathalie Delon met Alain Delon in a nightclub in Paris in the early 1960s. For his part, the actor then had a love affair with Romy Schneider but quickly fell in love with Francine Canovas. He then decides to leave Romy to finally marry the one who will be the only one to bear his name, in 1964. After a honeymoon on the edge of the liner France, the newlyweds settle in Los Angeles and conceive, in the process, Anthony . Alain and Nathalie will finally divorce in 1969 but will remain very close until the end...