Airy bob: the perfect bob cut to add volume

Fine hair lacking volume? We love the airy bob, the trendy haircut for this fall 2022. Here is everything you need to know before going between the scissors.

  Airy bob: the perfect bob cut to add volume

Who says back to school says new hairstyle! After months of sun, heat, salt and chlorine, our hair needs a good refresh. For that, nothing better than a trendy square . Nth variant of the square cut , the airy bob is making its big appearance on the hair scene. His particuliarity ? It brings volume and lightness . Notice to thin hair who now have a new haircut just for them! And in addition, it is already unanimous on Instagram.

What is the airy bob?

Literally 'airy square', the airy bob is a bob with an unstructured finish . It differs from a classic square by a degraded discreet and inward-facing tips. Its major asset: it immediately gives allure and volume. This square requires less work than long hair and offers more possibilities than very short hair. Cut to this length, the hair regains lightness and vitality.

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How to embrace this trend?

To get an airy bob, first of all, we call on a professional. Beneath its deceptively neglected look, this cut requires a certain know-how. It's a real waltz of scissors that the hairdresser will have to perform. First cut your hair slightly below the jaw line, leaving the nape of the neck exposed. We then do a degraded , adaptable to everyone's wishes, and we play with the layers of hair. The bob will then be styled with a brushing inwards , to add that glamorous side that we are looking for. At home, you have two options. You can let your hair dry naturally and therefore spend a minimum of time in the bathroom each morning. Otherwise, we opt for a quick brushing which will add even more movement.

The airy bob, for whom?

If it is ideal for flat hair, this hairstyle suits everyone , whatever the nature of the hair and the shape of the face. It adapts perfectly to curly, wavy and straight hair.

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Both simple in length and original in shape, the airy bob is perfect for women who want to change their look this fall. Another positive: it enhances any hair color. It is also and above all a haircut that gives a unique and elegant side to the one who wears it.