'Aging is a privilege': Laurence Boccolini assumes her 59 years, video of her physical evolution

Is getting old scary? Not for Laurence Boccolini, who is proud to be 59 years old, the proof in video. On Instagram, the host of 'Everyone wants to take their place' commented on her impending arrival in her sixties.

"Vieillir est un privilège" : Laurence Boccolini assume ses 59 ans, vidéo de son évolution physique

Getting older can be tough for many of us. And if some age well, others are less fortunate. But no matter, for Laurence Boccolini , all that matters is to be alive and to have lived a life devoid of regrets. Aging is a necessary step, which it would be better to take with a smile. And the flagship host of France 2 proves it with a video of her physical evolution.

Laurence Boccolini almost 60 years old: how does she experience it?

She was born on May 8, 1963. And the radio, TV host, screenwriter and actress is thrilled. 'Proud to be born even before Generation X was invented ', she launches on her Instagram account. 'Aging is a privilege. Unfortunately, it is not offered to everyone' , she writes, grateful to have the chance to see life evolve. ' Looking back and being proud of his struggles, victories and lessons learned,' she continues. All accompanied by a video showing his physical evolution over the years. And one thing is certain: Laurence Boccolini never stopped shining .

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We understand why she managed to entertain millions of French people in Money Drop , The weakest link or more recently l' Eurovision . And her followers seem to agree with her: 'I was also born in 1963, we lived extraordinary youth that many envy us today. Have a nice day', 'stay as you are, I dream of one day being able to meet you, you are a very beautiful person , kisses from Belgium', 'Yes, unfortunately, some change platforms when we would have liked to continue the journey in the same wagon. We'll meet at the terminus.' can we read.

Laurence Boccolini: single mom, it's over with her husband

If she seems fulfilled as her sixties approach, Laurence Boccolini has nevertheless experienced some hard knocks in her personal life. The replacement of Nagui midday on France 2 is notably single since breaking up with the seductive and discreet Mickaël Fakaïlo , who won the Mister Tahiti competition and finished second in Mister France in 2003.

She also had a lot of trouble becoming a mother, she performed no less than five IVFs before having the chance to be pregnant. But, since November 2023, she is the mother of a daughter named Willow .

Laurence Boccolini and his news: to be found in Camping Paradis?

As she left TF1 in 2020, the host may well be making her comeback on the channel, as an actress. 'We are talking about it with the management of France Télévisions, but they already have a lot of animators who are filming: Michel Cymes, Stéphane Bern, Jarry... On the other hand, I have been offered to play in Camping Paradis on TF1' , she confided. And to add: 'We just have to find a niche. But we really want to see it through,' she confided in the columns of Parisian . We are therefore impatiently waiting to see this project become official and to find the star of the PAF in front of our screens.

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