After a challenge on Twitter, Burger King releases a new burger

It all started with a bet with a famous Twitter user named Arkunir. Several months later, Burger King released a new burger: the Arkunir Burger. Explanations.

  After a challenge on Twitter, Burger King releases a new burger

The burger is already out of stock in some restaurants. Tuesday 13 september , Burger King has released a new burger available for two weeks: 'the Arkunir Burger 'Twitter's Chosen One,' as he's called on meal-ordering platforms, is made of brioche bread, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, old-fashioned mustard, ketchup, cantal cheese and flame-grilled meat. Nothing special in this composition, some would say. What makes this burger particular , this is its story, from its creation to its sale in Burger Kings in France.

A story in three acts

Shortly before summer, Arkunir, star of Twitter followed by more than 475,000 people , launches an appeal to the various major brands of fast-food car he wishes to have his own burger. And this idea comes from the Cauet Burger, a hamburger with three minced steaks created in 2006 by the brand Quick in the likeness of Cauet, radio presenter on NRJ. Arkunir then posts a tweet, a message on Twitter.

Very reactive and creative on social networks, the communication teams of Burger King France jump at the chance. They in turn post a tweet: an image crossing out the name of their most famous burger, the Whooper and replacing it with 'the Arkunir Burger'. Their message? It only becomes real if this post is retweeted, i.e. shared, 100,000 times .

On June 24, in 3 hours only , the challenge is met. The famous sign does not deflate and keeps its promise. But one point is clarified: Burger King will not change the name of its star burger. Instead, they propose to create a new one. A few days later, the fast food account announces that it has an appointment organized with the 19-year-old Frenchman.

After discussions, the Twittos also present on the Twitch streaming platform obtains Burger King's agreement: it will be up to Twitter users to choose the recipe for the future burger . Choice of bread, cheese, sauce, raw vegetables, the presence of pickles or not... For 24 hours, seven online surveys allow you to choose your preferences. Only ingredient imposed: beef or ground vegetable. And so the final recipe was born.

Subsequently, Arkunir shares many messages received from Burger King employees showing him the packages received filled with packaging for the new burger or the recipe displayed in the kitchens.

Depending on the stock, the Arkunir Burger will be available during two weeks in all Burger Kings in France at the price of 8 euros. A version vegetarian was also created, the 'Veggie Arkunir Burger', with a vegetable mince 'grilled over the flame'.