Afro hairstyle: short, wick, braids, here's how to do it

Curly hair is one of the must-have hair trends of 2023. Enhance your hair with an easy-to-do afro hairstyle. Tutorials and advice.

  Afro hairstyle: short, wick, braids, here's how to do it

Brought up to date by Solange Knowles, Rihanna or Audrey Pulvar, the so-called 'afros' hair has become a real hair trend. Side hairdressing , we appreciate their well-defined curls which do not change at the slightest gust of wind and bring an irresistible wild style to the face.

What is the afro hairstyle called?

Afro-type hair, called curl or curly hair, is recognizable thanks to its volume and natural curliness. On Caucasian hair, the afro hairstyle is obtained by making a permanent or very tight braids.

How to get a nice afro hairstyle?

Do you want to have a nice afro cut? Nothing's easier ! Learn the right gestures to take care of your afro hair and follow the steps in this quick and easy hairstyle lesson.

1. Apply the right care

After the shampoo, opt for a care mask to frizzy hair or curly. Leave it on for five minutes then dry the hair naturally.
Oil Application: For nourishment, distribute hair oil throughout the hair. This gesture will bring them shine and deeply hydrate them.

2. Relax the hair

Soften your hair with your hands and part with a tail comb.

3. Accessorize your hairstyle

Customize your hairstyle with a scarf, clip or jewelry accessory and enhance your volume by first doing pull-ups, then let the hair come back on itself and finish by packing the hair into a ball.

Afro braid hairstyle

Afro wick hairstyle

How to get a short afro haircut?

The short afro cut will perfectly suit round faces, provided that the volume is well controlled. This will take the shape of a ball that will highlight the face . The ultra glamorous look of Diana Ross is yours

How to cut afro woman hair?

The right frequency to cut your afro hair is to one centimeter every three months . This rhythm will strengthen them and bring them vitality. The ideal is to go and have them cut at a hairdresser. However, if you want to get started, equip yourself with a pair of hairdressing scissors.
1. On dry, well-hydrated hair, make several thin braids.

2. Locate the damaged ends on each braid, then cut them from the back to the front

3. Undo the braids to have an overall view of the hair and adjust the cut if necessary.

How to do an afro hairstyle when you have straight hair?

It's well known, we always want what we don't have. And this is often the case with hair. Do you have straight hair and dream of a pretty curly hair? If it will be difficult to have the curl of naturally frizzy or very curly hair, it is possible to transform your hair by doing a perm. This technique will allow you to obtain very tight curls. If you want a less worked result, opt for a braiding which - once undone - will give you softer waves.