Advent Calendar: Which to Choose for Christmas Countdown?

It's time to choose your Advent calendar, to wait with miniature formats for life-size Christmas gifts. Toys, chocolates, beauty products: there's something for everyone and every budget. Selection of the most beautiful Advent calendars... to buy or to make!

  Calendar of the'Avent : lequel choisir pour le décompte de Noël ?

December 1st marks the opening of the great ceremony that precedes Christmas: the opening of the first box of the Advent calendar. 23 others follow, one a day, until the evening of Christmas Eve December 24th. No more boxes, then it's time for the opening of gifts - the real ones - but with increasingly specialized, generous and even luxury Advent calendars, young and old are spoiled long before unpacking at the foot of the tree! Indeed, the tradition of the small chocolate or fruit paste to be enjoyed every evening has long inspired many sectors. From perfumery, to toys and gastronomy, all have revisited the concept and offer ever more extensive calendars each year. Here is our selection of the most beautiful beauty, decoration or children's Advent calendars. And if you want one that is more artisanal, or even home-made, we show you how to make your own Advent calendar!

When are Advent calendars coming out?

If we only start opening them on the 1 is December, the Advent calendars offered by the brands are often on sale in stores or on the Internet much earlier in the autumn. So you will find them from october in select stores!

Which Beauty Advent Calendar Should You Choose?

Major cosmetics brands, such as beauty brands, almost every year release their Advent calendar. What do these loot boxes contain? From make-up to moisturizers, including soaps, hand care or scrubs, all your favorite beauty products or best of cosmetic brands can be found in full size or miniature in the beauty advent calendars . Sephora, Yves Rocher, MAC, Dior, L'Occitane, Clarins or Birchbox: discover what's new.

Gourmet Advent calendars, to taste or drink

While waiting for the Christmas treats, gourmets can wait with the Advent calendars that can be eaten . Chocolate, tea, beer, jam, sweets... Young and old will enjoy the new products on sale this year. The hardest part will certainly be not to open all the boxes at once!

Advent calendars for children, with toys

Harry Potter, Lego cubes, Hatchimals stuffed animals, Playmobil or Disney characters, many are the favorite playful worlds of our toddlers to find themselves hidden in the boxes of the children's advent calendars . Every day, it's a toy or a figurine that the little ones discover before Christmas, to compose, in the end, a very nice gift.

Advent calendars to make

Are you more manual, DIY enthusiast and do wonders from recycled materials? We suggest you opt for the homemade advent calendars , from wood, fabric, paper... Some models are very simple to manufacture for example :

  • Matchbox Advent Calendar : collect twenty-four empty cardboard matchboxes which you can then decorate with pictures, paint, stickers, colored paper... Then cut out a small door in each of the matchboxes. Assemble them by gluing them together, for example by arranging them in six rows of four boxes, numbered 1 is to December 24.
  • A calendrier de l'Avent in mini envelopes : you need twenty-four small envelopes of the color of your choice and a large card to use as support. Glue the envelopes on this support, opening upwards, for example by arranging them in six rows of four. Then number them from 1 to 24, in order or out of order, then decorate your advent calendar to your liking: with sequins, ribbons, small Christmas decorations , of the painting…
  • A toilet paper roll Advent calendar : After collecting 24 rolls of cardboard, paint them in the color of your choice. Glue the rolls together or on a large piece of cardboard to create the shape of your choice, a Christmas tree for example. Place the surprises in each compartment. Finally, cut out small doors to the diameter of the rolls in cardboard and attach them to the ends of the latter using a pretty masking tape or string.

But then what to put in a DIY Advent Calendar ? What to fill his boxes, boxes or small bags with? Miniature toys for children, homemade chocolates or cookies, sweet words: everything is allowed, it's up to you to personalize!

What is the origin of the Advent calendar?

Initiated by Pope Gregory 1 is , in the sixth century, the advent season originally started on the fourth Sunday before Nativity and ended on December 24 with Christmas Eve. During this period, we were preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ . It was only much later that the famous Advent calendar made its appearance. It is in Germany that this tradition would have been born. In the nineteenth century, during the 24 days before Christmas, children were given a picture , pious, often accompanied by a phrase from the Gospel or a maxim encouraging them to do a good deed. The idea was then to make them wait less long until the festivities, but also to make them wiser. Over the years, these icons have been adorned with colors, or with gold or silver threads. For practical reasons, they were then assembled on the same cardboard support , and to keep the surprise effect intact, care was taken to conceal the design.

Very popular in Germany, this tradition gradually spread to Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1903, Gerhard Lang, a Bavarian publisher of illustrated medical books, had the idea of ​​marketing these Advent calendars for the first time. A success which was not denied thereafter, and which was exported all over the world. During the Second World War, American soldiers stationed in Europe sent them to their families on the other side of the Atlantic where, from 1946, they were mass produced.

Why do we write Advent with an 'e'?

Although Advent is a namesake of before, which additionally designates the period before Christmas, Advent is not a diversion of its look-alike. The term 'Advent' comes from the Latin adventus which means 'advent'. Namely the imminent arrival of Jesus Christ, which corresponds to the few weeks preceding his (date of) birth.

Religion, chocolates and other toys

The content of Advent calendar has also evolved over the years. The original religious image eventually gave way to small figurines, most often small animals, but also small soldiers during the glory days of the German army. The sweets have they appeared in 1958, with a small square of chocolate , and to facilitate its export, baby Jesus has been replaced by the Santa Claus .

Today the Advent calendar no longer has anything religious about it. And when you don't make it yourself at home, marketing professionals have seized on the phenomenon to offer thematic calendars intended to appeal to an increasingly large audience. If chocolate remains a timeless classic, children also appreciate toys, all that remains is to choose between Lego, Frozen or Star Wars. The older ones are also spoiled for choice: selections of tea, makeup, beauty products, beers or 'naughty' items (only for adults)... Even our foursome companions legs can now wait for December 25 in joy and good humor since advent calendars are entirely dedicated to them. The Christmas spirit knows no bounds.