Adrien Quatennens affair: Manuel Bompard's 'lunar' speech shocks, Marie Fugain furious with him

Adrien Quatennens, LFI deputy from the North, admitted violence against his wife, including a slap. While his colleague Manuel Bompard came to his defense, the Web (and several personalities) were indignant...

  Adrien Quatennens case: the speech"lunaire" de Manuel Bompard choque, Marie Fugain furieuse contre lui

[Updated September 23, 2022 at 6:04 p.m.] While Adrien Quatennens confessed to having slapped his wife, Manuel Bompard, LFI deputy for Bouches-du-Rhône, defended his colleague of the North in the National Assembly. On the set of CNews, he persisted and signed: ' I try to share things. A slap is never okay but a slap doesn't equal a man beating his wife everyday . And a slap is not equal to a man who is accused of rape after drugging the people who accuse him (...). It is necessary that we arrive on these subjects to have nuance “In addition, Manuel Bompard explained that the LFI party had decided not to ask for the resignation of Adrien Quatennens from his post as deputy.” He stepped back from his post as coordinator, that's enough “, he explained.

Manuel Bompard: his words shock Marie Fugain and several personalities

A speech that simply outraged the Web, including actress Marie Fugain , who took offense on her Twitter account: ' YOU DON'T TOUCH A WOMAN!!! Neither with a slap nor with nothing!!!! It's going to get into your Australopithecus heads????? Whatever your color, your religion, your political party, your nervousness, your few words to argue, YOU NEVER HIT A WOMAN!!!'.

Writer and columnist Eric Naulleau also deplored Manuel Bompard's remarks. ' Between this lunar declaration by Manuel Bompard and the vulgar attempt to intimidate a Quotidien journalist by Mélenchon, many discover the arrogance and culture of violence within LFI. But what a waste of time before opening your eyes ', did he declare.

Adrien Quatennens acknowledges violence against his wife Céline

Rebound in the Adrien Quatennens affair. After calling for respect for his private life, the deputy of La France Insoumise admitted this Sunday to having ' slap ' his wife . He also announced his retirement from his functions within the party. Afterwards, Danièle Obono said on BFMTV: ' We assumed his political withdrawal (from his position as LFI coordinator) and his withdrawal from parliamentary work. But hemicyl is not prohibited. '

For the past few days, France Insoumise has been (again) in turmoil. And for good reason, the deputy of the 1st district of the North, Adrien Quatennens, currently in full divorce, was questioned by the Chained Duck . On September 13, the newspaper indeed indicated that the one who is still his wife, Céline Quatennens, had filed a handrail against him. In the wake of her revelations, the couple first asked ' the respect 'because of' private life '.' Following an argument after announcing her desire to separate, Céline Quatennens filed a handrail, specifying to the police officers who heard her that she did not wish to file a complaint, nor that there be legal consequences for this handrail. and that she demanded that the information not end up in the press ', also detailed the Quatennens spouses. Before concluding: ' We intend to protect our privacy and that of our family, ask for respect to find the path to appeasement '.

But this weekend, the case took a completely different turn. And the principal concerned even admitted acts of violence against his wife. The number 2 of La France Insoumise first admitted to having 'slapped' his wife, before announcing his retirement from his position as coordinator of La France Insoumise. In a long press release again broadcast on social networks, Adrien Quatennens went into detail. It started like this: ' I could hunker down, minimize the facts and wait for the storm to pass '. And it's up to him to continue: 'But because I am politically responsible and I want to set an example to which I want to assign myself and which has always been my line of conduct, I draw the political consequences'. ' In this context of announcement of separation, I sent too many messages (…) to convince her that our difficulties as a couple could be overcome s,' the 32-year-old MP then wrote. Before acknowledging: ' In a context of extreme tension and mutual aggression, I slapped '.

The first reaction of Jean-Luc Mélenchon does not pass

Just after the publication of the press release from Adrien Quatennens, his mentor, Jean-Luc Melenchon , has in turn spoken publicly. And even wanted to support him. But his reaction quickly made people cringe. Accused of minimizing the facts and of making the violence, however recognized by his foal, invisible, the head of La France Insoumise did not in fact then address any word to Céline Quatennens. ' Police malice, media voyeurism, social networks were invited in the conflictual divorce of Adrien and Céline Quatennens. Adrien decides to take it all on himself. I salute his dignity and his courage. I tell him my trust and my affection “, tweeted the leader of the far left party.

Very quickly, the reactions were linked. And all of them were quite lively. ' Violence within the couple is intolerable, whatever the conflicts that exist. I express my support for Celine. I take note of Adrien's apologies and withdrawal from his functions within the movement. All my support to women victims, all over the world ', immediately replied the activist Caroline De Haas. ' There are physical violence and those which consist in taking the mobile phone of the other. The violence against women take on many faces. None are acceptable. Justice must decide and in the meantime Adrien Quatennens must withdraw from all ', tweeted EELV deputy Sandrine Rousseau.

As if to calm things down, the official press release from La France Insoumise was much more sober than Jean-Luc Mélenchon's speech. ' Adrien Quatennens today announced his withdrawal from his duties as coordinator of insubordinate France. This decision, which we welcome, was taken in consultation with the authorities of the movement and will be followed by the provisions necessary for the good animation of our movement. ', first asserted the party. Before concluding: ' In any case, insubordinate France reiterates its unfailing commitment to the fight against violence against women and recalls the existence within it of a monitoring committee against sexist and sexual violence always available to listen to the voice of women “Faced with public outcry over his first speech, the party leader spoke a second time.” Céline and Adrien are both my friends' , he first wrote. ' My affection for him does not mean that I am indifferent to Céline. She did not want to be quoted ', he continued. ' But I say: a slap is unacceptable in any case. Adrian accepts it. It's good '.

What is reproached to Adrien Quatennens, in full divorce

It's the Chained Duck who revealed the information on September 13, 2022: after a dispute related to their ongoing divorce, the wife of the number 2 of France Insoumise, Céline Quatennens, filed a handrail against the one who is still her husband . Yes, but now, this handrail should never have ended up in the press. And for good reason, by depositing it, the wife of the deputy La France Insoumise would have explicitly asked the police not to disclose her . She even claims to have asked that no legal proceedings be taken against Adrien Quatennens. Immediately after this revelation, the couple therefore issued a press release, posted online by his lawyer Me Jade Dousselin, to make things clear. The Quatennens spouses claim black on white 'the respect' of their 'private life' .

'Like millions of French people, we are currently experiencing a difficult divorce situation that we intend to achieve amicably' : thus begins the said press release shared on social networks by Adrien and Céline Quatennens. 'Following an argument after announcing his desire to separate, Céline Quatennens filed a handrail, specifying to the police officers who heard her that she did not wish to file a complaint, nor that there be legal consequences for this handrail. and that she demanded that the information not end up in the press' , they wrote. Before explaining having learned 'through lawyers' that the Lille Public Prosecutor's Office had taken up this case and that they regret that the daybook has 'leaked immediately' . 'We intend to protect our privacy and that of our family, ask for respect to find the path to appeasement' , they conclude their text of about fifteen lines.

Why did the prosecution take up the case?

But then, why did the Lille Public Prosecutor's Office take up this case even though Céline Quatennens had explicitly requested that no prosecution be made and that the handrails are not intended to open a judicial investigation? Quite simply because an exception exists in the context of suspicions of domestic violence . Indeed, pursuant to the protocol relating to the processing of daybooks and reports of judicial information on domestic violence of November 13, 2013, police and gendarmerie officials are obliged to transmit some of this information to the Public Prosecutor. Republic. There is nothing to explain, however, that the procedure was immediately found in the press. Me Jade Dousselin, the lawyer for the deputy of the 1st district of the North and his wife, has not yet given any other details.