Adeline Blondieau assumes her white hair on Instagram

Adeline Blondieau delivered a touching message inviting self-acceptance and the signs of aging. The Under the Sun actress proudly wears her white hair in a photo.

 Adeline Blondieau assumes her white hair on Instagram

Celine Dion, Sharon Stone, Letizia from Spain or Jodie Foster: many are the stars claimed their White hair . An assertive hair choice, followed by Adeline Blondieau who assumes her white lock that she shares in common with her mother.

The white wick of Adeline Blondieau

Adeline Blondieau posted a photo on her Instagram account on September 4, 2022 in which she poses next to her mother Christiane. In caption of this shot, the one we discovered in the series Under the sun delivers a touching message on the signs of aging that the diktats of beauty want to erase, particularly concerning white hair. If she followed in the footsteps of her mother who dyed her hair since she was 45, Adeline Blondieau has freed herself from the gaze of others and proudly displays her white locks. The star 51 years old explains about his mother: When I decided to let my white lock grow out, she was the first to tell me to dye it again. I remind you that it was the production companies that asked me for dye to look younger . Surprise today! My mother decides when she discovers that she also has a white lock on the front, to let it flourish!'.

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A friendly mother-daughter duo

The mother and her daughter therefore display the same white hair, which would have appeared at the same time for the two women. The one who has now become a sophrologist confides on this Instagram post: 'I must have been 20 or 21 when Jorge pushed into my life and his pushed towards 45… So it looks like we had it together. At a time in life when I was going through some very painful and stressful things… and we were very close' . Today, Adeline Blondieau is proud of this common point which binds her to her mother. ' We are in cahoots' , concludes the former wife of Johnny Hallyday .