Adele lets loose: surprise statement to her darling Paul Rich in the middle of a concert! VIDEO

The singer is currently in residence in Las Vegas. December 16 was the birthday of her boyfriend, Paul Rich. So Adele took advantage of being on stage to make a statement to the man who shares her life. A moment captured on video.

  Adele lets loose: surprise statement to her darling Paul Rich in the middle of a concert! VIDEO

Adele is not one to be secretive with her audience. She had no hesitation in talk about postpartum depression after the birth of her son, Angelo, in 2012. She has never hidden that the his relationship with his father is, to say the least… complicated , although things settled down at the end of his life. She only kept a year the secret to her amazing weight loss ... Adele hides nothing. And when she is on stage, she expresses herself.

In December 2022, she also paid tribute to Celine Dion , who had just announced his neurological illness, during his concert at Colosseum from the hotel-casino Caesars Palace from Las Vegas. A room that the British occupies today in place of the Canadian. ' I saw it here, this room was built for Celine. I want to wish him a speedy recovery. It's one of the best shows I've ever seen, so we gotta sing it loud tonight, hoping she hears it wherever she is ' she had launched. This time, the message was addressed to his dear and tender for a special occasion .

Adèle sings 'happy birthday' and declares her love

The 34-year-old British singer is madly in love. She shouts it loud and clear. In the SHE American, she said: ' I have never been so in love. I'm obsessed with him .' And he is Paul Rich, a 41-year-old NBA sports agent . He celebrated his birthday on December 16 and his sweetheart took the opportunity to celebrate it in the middle of a packed room. ' It's my boyfriend's birthday today. I love her more than life itself, so can we wish her a happy birthday? His name is Rich ' she launched. She, then, intoned a 'happy birthday ' of which she has the secret with her warm and powerful voice. She finished the song with a big burst of laughter.

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Adele is much happier now

She has not always had a rosy life. His relationship with his father has always been rocky. He left her when she was 3 because he was an alcoholic. She grew up with this injury. ' I was a rotten dad at a time when she really needed me “he had declared in the british media.

There is also his divorce with Simon Konecki, the English businessman. If the two have kept good relations. Her son particularly suffered from the separation. Adele told in the Vogue what ' it had made Angelo really unhappy '. She hoped to be able to forgive herself for the pain she had caused her with this breakup. This time, all the lights are looking good and life seems, finally, to smile on her. She has moved on and we hope that the next ones will be just as pleasing.