'Absolute incompetence!' : Annoyed, Christine Bravo pushes a rant after the death of a loved one to her heart

Christine Bravo has lost a companion dear to her heart. The 66-year-old host, who now lives in Corsica, is angry and ranted on her Instagram account...

  'Absolute incompetence!' : Annoyed, Christine Bravo pushes a rant after the death of'un êtrer cher à son coeur

Christine Bravo is devastated . The 66-year-old host must face the death of a loved one. ' Sad day, my friends. My blue bird, so dear to my heart, hid to die. He chose the discretion of a nest where his friends lay “, confided on Instagram the punctual member of the Big heads from RTL. She had bought two birds of the same species... but neither of them survived. ' At the beginning of the year, the first died, despite all my care . Today, the second joined him “, she said, annoyed, in the caption of a photo of her dead bird.

Christine Bravo, angry at the death of her birds

However, Christine Bravo asserts that a ' diamond of Gould can live over 10 years under the right conditions ' . And to lament, in a feeling of injustice and incomprehension: ' Mine didn't make it past 2 years '. The sixty-year-old host is also angry with an employee of the Truffaut brand - store where she had been a client in Paris before her departure for Corsica -, who allegedly told her the sex of her birds incorrectly. assured that one was male, the other female. In reality, both were male and not from a ' serious and approved breeding '. But when Christine Bravo discovered the truth, it was already too late: ' They were MY birds, I loved them, I wasn't going to give them back '.

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A real incompetence according to Christine Bravo, who regrets having bought her companions in the garden centre. ' This fall, the authorities decided to close the Île de la Cité Bird Market, which had existed since 1881. The reason: animal welfare and trafficking . I did not support the fowlers of this market, but know that having acquired birds there, they are all in very good health and of the desired sex. But strangely, the garden centres, which sell birds that are badly identified and without certificates of origin, will continue their trade without shame. I ask a question: Why? ' , she continued.

Christine Bravo: her life in Corsica with her man

If Christine Bravo has the heart to adopt other birds, we bet that she will find out more twice than once about the origin of these. In the meantime, this animal lover is still enjoying happy days in her small Corsican village, Occhiatana, which is located in Balagne, alongside the man of her life, the businessman Stéphane Bachot , whom she married in June 2022 and for whom she had fallen in love a few years earlier.

' I stumbled upon barge ads and a specialized agency. It was its director, Stéphane Bachot, who showed me around this boat which was falling apart at the time. “, she had confided to the Parisian . Finally, Christine Bravo had bought the boat... and left on the arm of the man who had shown her around! She still owns a barge in Paris, on which she offers historic cruises.

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