A young woman found in a 'pool of blood': a police officer had refused to take her complaint two hours earlier

What happened in that police station in Blois? A young woman had come to lodge a complaint against her former companion for assault and battery. A policeman asked him to come back the next day, but the attacker didn't give him time...

  A young woman found in a"mare de sang" : un policier avait refusé de prendre sa plainte deux heures plus tôt

In Blois, a woman who had gone to the police station to file a complaint for domestic violence was asked to come back the next day. The same evening, her former companion violently attacked her . They are our colleagues from BFM TV who recount this horrible affair of violence against women . The young woman presented herself on Tuesday, December 13 at the police station in her city. She has just left her husband. The latter does not support the breakup and since then he harasses her, threatens her and commits violent acts against her. . All the facts she describes are reprehensible and yet… the policeman indicates that his file is incomplete, that some elements are missing. He asks her to leave in order to flesh out her complaint . A few hours later, in the lobby of her building, the young woman was found unconscious in ' a sea of ​​blood 'according to a witness, who adds:' She was bleeding from her mouth and nose “. His vital prognosis is engaged.

The alleged attacker has been arrested

The couple had formed in August. She had decided to leave him at the beginning of December and since then she has been living in real hell. After two days on the run, the victim's ex-boyfriend was arrested on December 15 in Plaisir, Yvelines to ' attempt to feminicide ' . According to BFM TV , It is ' known to justice for acts of violence '.

During his hearing, he said he simply sought to ' have explanations 'about the separation. He admitted giving many ' kicking crushing on the victim's head , but nevertheless disputes ' intended to kill his former girlfriend '. According to The Parisian , a forensic examination was performed. As a result, the patient suffers from ' major brain hemorrhagic lesions 'and his neurological prognosis is' sombre '.

Is the policeman responsible?

Were there any malfunctions ? An agent is ordered to register complaints of domestic violence as a priority. He therefore went against the instructions he must follow. The public prosecutor confirms the facts. The girl had arrived' around 5 p.m. (...) at the reception of the Blois police station and had been invited to come back the next day '. The prefect of Loir-et-Cher, François Pesneau, has mandated the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN), ' immediately followed 'by the General Directorate of the National Police' in order to know precisely the conditions in which the victim had been, shortly before the events, received at the Blois police station and invited to present himself the next day '. The policeman was finally suspended as a precaution . A decision taken by Frédéric Veaux, director general of the national police.

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