A woman trapped in the chimney of a house following a failed burglary!

The inhabitants of a house had the strange surprise to discover a woman, naked, stuck in their chimney. She wanted to rob their home with the help of an accomplice.

 A woman stuck in the chimney'une maison suite à un cambriolage raté !

It could have been Santa Claus, but his late arrival caught the attention of residents of a house in Oklahoma City, United States. According to the American channel Fox 25, the latter were awakened early Sunday morning by suspicious noises on their roof. Worried, they called the police. Once there, she discovered a 35-year-old woman named Kelly Birdsong , stuck in their chimney flue .

Fully naked burglar in the fireplace

She wanted to rob the house through the hole, but stayed blocked 4.5 meters below . Strangely enough, she was completely naked, according to the News 9 site. A man, who accompanied her, managed to escape. Local media reports that the apprentice criminal suffered from psychological problems.

More than an hour of rescue

To manage to extricate him from the narrow gut, the rescuers - on filmed images of the extraordinary intervention there are no less than a dozen people mobilized on the roof of the house - took over an hour. They were finally successful after setting up a hoisting system, thanks to which the woman was lifted by a rope, reports Fox 25. She was able to be extracted without being injured and was taken directly to the police station and then to the center Oklahoma County detention center.

Source journaldesfemmes.fr