A woman beaten by her ex: the day before, she had called for help... A policeman had insulted her!

When a young woman had dialed 17 to call for help with a violent ex-companion, the police officer insulted her on the other end of the line. The next day, she was beaten up by her ex-husband...

  A woman beaten by her ex: the day before, she had called'aide... Un policier l'avait insultée !

A policeman is judged this March 8 before the criminal court of Pontoise for having insulted a woman who called the 17 to ask for help dealing with an abusive ex-companion, indicates FranceInfo who had access to the transcription report. The facts take place on July 31, 2022. It is 8:08 p.m. and a woman, named Ophélie, phones the police to say her ex-husband is downstairs , in Osny in the Val-d'Oise, and that he threatens to hurt her.

A policeman insults a woman in danger: 'You speak badly, big shit'

But when the police officer hears the young woman, he does not take the call seriously. ' He said he's gonna kill me and everything “, she then launches. The policeman, he answers in an ironic tone with interjections: “ Don't... Oh! '. Then, Ophelia launches to her ex-companion, while she is still on the phone: ' Don't start shouting my name downstairs, don't break your balls Issa '. Hearing these words, the policeman begins to insult his interlocutor: ' And you talk bad shit. So you surprise me that he's threatening you. And remember more, deal with it '.

But Ophelia does not give up. Feeling really in danger, she calls back an hour and a half later and falls, without knowing it, on the same policeman who insulted her on the phone . Convinced to speak to another interlocutor, she says she was kicked out by a police officer on the phone . ' Oh, he insulted you? (...) 'Make it easy big shit', it would surprise me ', he replies simply. A bit more understanding, but still visibly irritated, he then declares, with little patience: ' Yeah well, you go to the police station, you file a complaint against your friend who is harassing you there, okay? (...) That's it that's all. And for the policeman, I don't know, send a letter too '.

The woman, beaten by her ex after the call to 17

On August 1, 2022, the day after the call, the young woman was abused by her ex-companion as she left her home. Her 12-year-old daughter, obviously shocked, called the police and described: ' He came and he got out of the car, he took a bat and he hit my mother, he punched and kicked her. He tried to crush her “. The police are then sent to the scene. The ex-companion of Ophélie is tried in November 2022 and sentenced to four years in prison, including one year suspended probation, indicates FranceInfo .

The policeman explains: 'A woman in danger is not aggressive'

But what about the policeman who insulted the young woman and ignored her call for help? Judged on March 8 before the Pontoise criminal court, he was heard at the IGPN a few weeks earlier. ' I immediately categorized this call as fanciful . I felt like she was talking with a smile ', he then explained. ' A woman in danger is generally not aggressive with the individual threatening her. ', he added. But the police officer admits having ' badly spoken to the lady ' and concedes: ' I had a moment of bewilderment and I let myself go verbally against her '. He tried to justify himself by stating that he had a ' fed up with this job '.

Has the policeman been suspended from his post?

A preliminary investigation has been opened for failure to assist a person in danger. A second administrative inquiry was opened in October 2022 for ' breach of the duty to set an example, breach of the duty of courtesy towards the public, breach of the duty of discernment ' . The policeman was therefore suspended in September from his post at the appeals of 17 , but not of his duties as a radio operator' at the night brigade command and information center ', according FranceInfo .

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