A wedding has a huge cost for the guests too!

According to a study by www.savoo.fr, les invités dépensent en moyenne 912 euros par mariage, et les membres du cortège nuptial 938 euros. L, the survey of 500 wedding guests in the last two years also shows that the cities where guests spend the most are Nice, Clermont-Ferrand and Reims!

  A wedding has a huge cost for the guests too!

To find out how much wedding guests typically spend, Savoo.fr surveyed 500 French people who attended a wedding or were part of a wedding procession (bridesmaids and groomsmen) in the past two years. This survey by online promotions specialist Etude reveals that guests spend an average of 912 euros per wedding, and members of the bridal party 938 euros.

Clothing and gifts: the biggest expense items

In detail, it is The clothe which requires the greatest investment. Guests spend on average 96 euros and members of the bridal party €99 to look their best. People between the ages of 16 and 24 spend the most when they are part of the wedding party and spend on average up to 130 euros for a wedding outfit . More than a quarter (26%) spend. even more than 200 euros to their party outfit. Two in five (43%) people aged 25-34 also say they always buy a new outfit to attend a wedding . Wedding guests aged 55 and over are the most thrifty, spending just $97 on average on their outfits.

The second largest cost for gift offered to bride and groom : it is on average 91 euros for guests and 94 euros for members of the wedding procession. Then come the plane tickets (respectively 86 euros for the guests and 92 euros for the members of the wedding procession), housing (84 and 86 euros), the food (84 euros on average for guests such as members of the wedding procession), the drinks (82 and 83 euros), transportation (77 and 87 euros) the accessories (80 and 82 euros) and the makeup for these ladies (80 euros and 76 euros). Wedding guests and members of the wedding party also spend 75 euros and 79 euros for r babysit when they have and 77 and 76 euros for their hairdressing on the big day.

1,159 euros more for the festivities preceding the wedding

The survey shows that the participation in a bachelor or bachelorette party leads to an average additional expense of 1,159 euros. If we add 938 euros for the wedding weekend, bridesmaids and groomsmen pay an average of $2,097 in total.

Once again, the survey reveals that outfits/costumes are the items that guests spend the most on (90 euros on average), followed by gifts (89 euros on average). Contrary to popular belief, it is the men who spend the most: while the women surveyed say they allocate 82 euros on average for pre-wedding party outfits, men spend an average of 95 euros.

Cities where guests spend the most

Savoo has also determined the top 10 French cities where guests spend the most to attend a wedding. Nice takes first place with a budget of 1156 euros for a wedding. Clermont-Ferrand occupies 2nd place with 1102 euros and Reims 3rd with an average budget of 1099 euros. Next come Paris (1094 euros), Bordeaux (1020 euros), Strasbourg (1016 euros), Toulouse (942 euros) and Nantes (939 euros), Marseilles with 935 euros and Rennes with an average budget of 919 euros per weekend occupy the last places of this top 10.

Expenditure for a wedding: what impacts?

The study by Savoo also analyzed the consequences of these costs of attending a wedding. She reveals that 22% of guests felt stressed after having made such expenses. . Almost a third (30%) of respondents said they had been pressured into spending more than they could afford, including 41% of people aged 16-24. One in five (20%) even said they got into debt because of her participation in the festivities preceding the wedding. The survey also reveals that arguments erupted between family members (22%), spouses (22%) or bride and groom (18%) over the cost of attending a wedding. Fortunately, most guests are happy to attend. One in three people (35%) even say they would be happy to take time off to attend a wedding!

Source journaldesfemmes.fr