'A torture for me': Christine Bravo shares a photo, this constraint to which she submits...

The TV woman is famous for not practicing the language of wood. With her Instagram community, she is no exception to the rule and remains authentic. She shares her rants, her vacations and her photos where she is not always to her advantage. It comes without filters. She has just confided in what she hates and what she has to do in her job.

"Une torture pour moi" : Christine Bravo partage une photo, cette contrainte à laquelle elle se plie...

Christine Bravo has had a career with multiple jobs: journalist for the written press, successful television host (we remember among others the legendary show Mrs. Mrs or Free Union ) and columnist in various formats. She also makes passages in The Big Heads since she reconciled with her boyfriend Laurent Ruquier . She presents Under The Petticoats on the Chérie 25 channel. This return to television forces her to adhere to a ritual that she abhors. She tells it on her Instagram account.

Christine Bravo confides in Internet users about what she hates

She posts a photo of herself where a makeup artist draws a line of eyeliner near her eyes. If this moment is pleasant for many women, it is not at all the case. ' I've HORRED make-up since I started on TV, it's torture for me. But it is a must. And you have to admit, that makes it more fun! ', she admits. And the host now 66 years old to add: ' It's SO easy to ALWAYS show up pretty clean and dressed on social media. Especially when you're a public person! “Christine Bravo, on the contrary, does not hesitate to show herself natural as much to her fans as to her husband, the businessman Stéphane Bachot, with whom she lives in Corsica; while still having her barge in Paris.

This post has triggered many very benevolent reactions. ' Natural or sophisticated, you ARE beautiful because you have YOUR personality, YOUR intelligence, YOUR uniqueness and many other qualities. ', ' And we love these moments of sharing with you Christine, your naturalness and your outspokenness make you a person who seems really sincere ' and ' You are REAL these days it's so rare… Thank you “, can we for example read.

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Christine Bravo without filters on the networks and it pleases!

The host has reached 50,000 followers and she can't believe it. ' It surprises me that you are 50,000 to follow me, I do not sell ANYTHING, I have exceeded the expiry date in TV (…) but hey I have fun with you, thank you for that ' It must be said that Christine Bravo wets the jersey on her account. She posted a video of her on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, filmed without her knowledge by her husband, in pajamas fidgeting in front of her screen facing the match of the France team against Australia during the FIFA World Cup held in Qatar. She found herself ' ridicule ' as she captioned it.

' Well in real life I find this video appalling, I'm REALLY not at my advantage! Looks like a hysterical granny. But hey, it's ME. I assume “, she adds.

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And it is certainly her authenticity and the fact that she has spent so much time on our small screens that makes her so likeable. Audiences have grown with her over her shows.

Even if she regrets not being on a so-called 'general public' channel anymore, she continues to fascinate people. And this very special bond that she created with her fans, she maintains it with her publications. The love story between her and people is not about to stop.

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