A test to find out if the heart is healthy

Cardiovascular diseases are the cause of 400 deaths per day in France and represent the leading cause of death for women. The first step to prevention is to assess your cardiovascular risk. The French Federation of Cardiology has developed a dedicated online test.

  A test to find out if the heart is healthy

The cardiovascular illnesses are the leading cause of death among women and those over 65. As part of its national campaign to encourage the French to take care of their hearts unfolding from September 21 to 30, 2022 , the French Federation of Cardiology (FFC) propose a new online testing to assess cardiovascular health . The goal is to encourage people to adapt their behavior: stop smoking, eat healthy , practicing a sports activity etc This test comes in the form of a health quiz . 'The objective is to make the user aware of their cardiovascular situation and to advise him with simple actions to take to act. Consultation with the attending physician or cardiologist should be preferred for all specific situations. “said Professor Alain Furber, cardiologist and President of the FFC.

What questions are asked?

The questionnaire developed by the French Federation of Cardiology (FFC) is divided in three parties to determine the state of his heart:

  • My profile : age, sex, weight, height, heredity
  • My lifestyle (risk factors): tobacco, food, stress , alcohol, physical activity
  • My other risk factors: high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, diabetes , sleep apnea syndrome

What do the results say?

Depending on the information known and provided, the user receives the balance sheet of his cardiovascular health and associated risks. A feature makes it possible to modify certain information in order to project oneself on the beneficial evolution for the heart of a change in behavior. For example, if I quit smoking, I reduce my risk by X percent.

If the user knows his systolic blood pressure, his cholesterol (total and HDL) and can answer the questions then the test is accurate and gives a percentage risk at 10 years from the occurrence of a death of cardiovascular origin, myocardial infarction or stroke

If the user does not know these measurements but answers the questions, then the result is qualitative: low, intermediate or high risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Please note that this test does not apply to people who have already had a cardiovascular accident.

Source: 'Cardiovascular diseases: to change, you have to test yourself!', September 22, 2022, French Federation of Cardiology.

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