A man recognized father of 102 children: he bitterly regrets his excesses and evokes 'problems'

The candidates of the program 'Large Families: Life in XXL' have better watch out: a man has been recognized as the father of more than a hundred children. A crazy story told by women who crossed his path...

  A man recognized as the father of 102 children: he bitterly regrets his excesses and evokes"problèmes"

It's' AFP who relates this quite unusual story. This Ugandan has become the attraction of his village of Bugisa, in the east of the East African country. Musa Hasahya Kesera is recognized as the father of 102 children! He first married in 1972 when he was 17. In Uganda, polygamy is allowed. As the law allows , he therefore multiplied the unions without worrying about the consequences . ' At first it was a joke, but now they are problems ', he confided. He is now the head of a family of 12 women, 102 children, 578 grandchildren, at the age of 68, the Ugandan does not even remember the first name of each of his companions! Fortunately, his eldest son, a 30-year-old teacher, regularly prompts him with the names of those he has forgotten.

Overwhelmed father of 102 can't take care of them all

Enough is enough. He entrusted it to our colleagues from the AFP , he can't fully play his role as a father. ' I only remember the first and last child, but I can't remember all the names of some middle children ', he said. You can't imagine the amount of shopping each week and the size of the pots to feed all these little people.

In the village, everyone lives mainly from agriculture. Despite his work as a cattle seller and butcher, he has a hard time fulfilling his maintenance duties with all these little people. And he is currently unemployed. ' I had many problems: finding money to pay school fees, feeding everyone, finding clothes and money to help if someone is sick '. Especially since the patriarch does not roll on gold. He inherited two hectares of land to house his entire tribe.

Five of his wives left him

Indeed, the first victims of polygamy are first of all the wives. Zabina Hasaya, the third woman, confided in the microphone of the AFP : ' I didn't know that our husband would continue to bring us other women. When he brought another one, I remember feeling so bad and angry. But over time I got used to it.'

Still, she admits the situation isn't very comfortable for everyone: ' We barely have enough food. We are forced to feed the children once or even twice on good days '. Moreover, to stop the births, wives take contraception, but not Musa. If seven of them still live together, five left the father of the family, for lack of sufficient resources or space on the family farm . In any case, he learned the lesson and does not wish to have new children. A wise decision!

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