'A little steel in his spine': Charles III and his ordeal lived in his youth...

Charles III did not always have it easy. When he was a schoolboy, the son of Elizabeth II was mocked and even physically attacked by his classmates. One of them recounts the ordeal experienced by the King of England...

  'A bit of'acier dans sa colonne vertébrale" : Charles III et son calvaire vécu dans sa jeunesse...

Yes Charles III grew up partly under the golds of Buckingham Palace, England's new king didn't have such a simple childhood, despite its many privileges. Being young, the son of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip hardly managed to form many friendships. He was even persecuted in the school hallways. At 13, he landed at the college of Gordonstoun, Scotland , but the welcome his other classmates reserved for her was far from warm. Sixty years later, one of them, John Stonborough, testified in the documentary Our New King , broadcast on ITV . ' One of the mistakes made when Charles arrived at Gordonstoun was that we were all told he should be treated like everyone else. But he wasn't everyone, was he? He was going to be king of england “, remembered the latter.

Charles III, mocked: 'steel in his spine'

The arrival of the then Prince Charles in this new school inevitably engendered a reinforcement of safety rules in the establishment, which was not to everyone's taste. ' He had a private detective, we didn't have private detectives. And when he came they tightened up all the rules and it became a stricter school and I think that's why some people picked on him ', I explained l'ancien camaraderie of Charles III.

' He had trouble making friends, partly because when people tried to be friends with him, they got teased. ', even added John Stonborough, before specifying that, despite all the mockery of the other students, Charles III remained unmoved. According to him, the husband of Lady Di was ' most remarkably stoic person ', no more no less. ' He never complained about any of this - certainly not in front of us. He just put up with it. I think Gordonstoun probably put a bit of steel in his spine “, he estimated. An experience which therefore served him, despite everything, for his function as king?

Charles III, 'struck' by his comrades

One day, the son of the deceased Queen Elizabeth II - Charles will be officially crowned king next May after giving up his title of Prince of Wales in favor of his son Prince William - has even been physically attacked by his comrades . ' I witnessed a direct attack on Prince Charles in a rugby match when he was in the scrum and one guy pulled his ear and another punched him - right in the fray. And there was a bit of pride that these people managed to reach the future king of England “, he recounted.

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