A couple accused of having killed the octogenarian to whom they had bought a life annuity

Who killed Michel Voltz? A couple from Moselle was sent to the assizes on November 16. They are accused of having murdered this octogenarian from whom they had bought an apartment for life, according to Est Républicain. The man denies the murder, the woman says she acted under duress from her husband...

  A couple accused of'avoir tué l'octogénaire à qui ils avaient acheté en viager

Although it represents an interest for both the buyer and the seller, the life annuity concept remains specific. By choosing this mode of real estate purchase, the purchaser hopes for the rapid death of the seller, to whom he pays an annuity each month. Some, who are not very patient, are ready to speed up the process… even if it means killing the elderly person with whom they have dealt. This would be the case of a Moselle couple, sent to the Assize Court on Wednesday, reports Republican East . He is being prosecuted for l'assassinat, in juillet 2020, by Michel Voltz , 82, from whom he had bought an apartment for life. the the pensioner's body was discovered in a three-meter pit , on land not far from his house in Faulquemont, Moselle.

Attentive and not very gullible neighbors

The octogenarian lived alone, but had good relations with his neighbors, Anthony and Brigitte, who raised the alarm about his disappearance , explains the regional newspaper. Michel Voltz had the habit of leaving his newspaper in their mailbox every day, after having read it. After three days without receiving a single duck, Anthony and Brigitte, worried, go to the gendarmerie. Dispatched to the scene, the firefighters found a tomato salad on the table ready to be tasted... But not by Michel Voltz.

A few days after the recorded disappearance of their neighbor, Anthony and Brigitte receive a strange visit from a couple, accompanied by two young children. The two individuals claim to be very close to Michel Voltz, who would have informed them of his sudden hospitalization in Germany and his desire to be subsequently admitted to an Ehpad across the Rhine. He also offered to settle in his house , indicate Republican East . The neighbors of the octogenarian doubt this version of the facts. The investigation will show that they were right.

A couple not very clear

The man, Abderrahim Ghelouci, 46, is already known for fakes, scams and violence committed in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. The investigators also quickly realize that he bought in 2017 an apartment belonging to Michel Voltz and located about twenty minutes from his house. It also acquired in June 2020 of land about thirty kilometers south of Faulquemont. It is there that the gendarmes discover the body of the victim, partially calcined. It was buried three meters deep , in a hole supposedly intended to accommodate a rainwater recovery tank, according to the landscaper hired by Abderrahim Ghelouci and questioned by the investigators. According to the autopsy findings, Michel Voltz was strangled . For now, Abderrahim Ghelouci, denies murder of octogenarian . His wife, she maintains that her husband is the author and that he forced her to help him move the body.

Source journaldesfemmes.fr