A 75-year-old woman found dead in Reims, her son lived near the corpse for months...

The body of a septuagenarian was found dead in her apartment in Reims. Her son had been living there as a recluse for months, without having alerted anyone to his mother's death...

  A 75-year-old woman found dead in Reims, her son lived near the corpse for months...

It is a terrible discovery that firefighters made on October 28 in Reims. Marguerite , a 75-year-old young woman, was found dead at his home, rue de Canterbury, in the Sainte-Anne district, according to The union . While her son also resides in the accommodation, the body had been decomposing for... about five months . This one, handicapped, did not seem disturbed by the smell which emanated from the corpse and did not give the alarm. It was the social landlord who notified the firefighters, after having been without news of his tenant for several weeks. He had presented himself in front of the accommodation in the morning a few hours before the discovery of the corpse , but no one answered.

How did the victim's son put up with the smell?

When the firefighters disembarked shortly after, they discovered Marguerite's body on a divan' among a lot of rubbish 'and in a' totally unsanitary apartment ', explained the public prosecutor of Reims, Matthieu Bourrette. The first mystery facing the investigators: knowing how Marguerite's son could endure the pestilential smell of putrefaction . As for the neighbors of the building, if they did not notice the smell, it is certainly because of the armored doors of the accommodation, which is also located on the top floor.

The son, placed in police custody … then hospitalized

At first, Marguerite's son was taken into custody as part of an investigation for ' murder ' . But he was eventually released and then hospitalized after being examined by a psychiatrist. The first conclusions of the autopsy indeed made it possible to demonstrate that the septuagenarian was died of natural causes , 'a priori ', insisted the public prosecutor. As for the victim's son, he ' would not have had the strength to warn of the death '.

Mother and son lived in seclusion

Margarita's son was afraid to confront others, did not like to show off, almost never went out “, explained Pamela, a friend of the victim, with The union . And to explain: Her son was a disabled adult. He had had accommodation in the Solferino district, but he was practically never there. He spent a lot of time with his mother and since the bar he lived in was demolished, he lived with her '. His extreme penchant for solitude, the victim's son inherited it from his mother, who ' didn't want anyone in her home 'Marguerite, who was a professional driver, nevertheless resided in the building for 40 years.' When she ordered meals, which she had been doing for the past few years because of his health problems , the delivery men had to drop them on the landing and leave “, for example, specified Pamela.

The victim's son continued this habit, even after his mother's death. He too had meals delivered to the landing, then waited for the delivery men to leave to pick them up... even though he lived near his mother's corpse. ' I knew he had phobia of people but not to the point of imagining that he would have been afraid to warn and stay with his mother's corpse “, wondered Pamela.

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