90s Style: What were the fashion looks of this decade?

Between minimalism, sensuality and mixing genres, the 90s remain a cult decade in terms of fashion, still influencing the way we dress. How to adopt the nineties codes? Follow the leader.

  90s Style: What were the fashion looks of this decade?

Already several seasons that the 90s style is fashionable and has become a permanent fixture in our wardrobes. To appropriate it, you must already know the iconic pieces. So, how to dress like in the 90s ? Follow the leader !

Why are the 90s coming back into fashion?

The brand Champion, star of the 90's

90's style, sportswear and alluring, it's trendy! The nostalgia of this era is recipe and is also a great source of inspiration. In addition to designers freely borrowing from that decade in their collections, many 90s clothing brands are finding their way back to the fashion scene in recent years. This is the case of Champion , Ellesse, Buffalo, Umbro or Sergio Tacchini to name but a few. Some are so essential that they are associated with luxury houses, such as Fila with Fendi a few seasons ago.

How did people dress in the 90s?

The 90s dress style is greatly inspired by hip-hop, the emblematic music of this decade. Low rise jeans and more specifically baggies were everywhere. The model in 1990 , it's also the one that democratized the wearing of tracksuits. In addition to the hip-hop mood, the 90s fashion is characterized by the ubiquity of denim. Jackets, jeans, overalls, shirts, dresses, skirts... It's everywhere. A strong trend that has taken hold in our dressing rooms for the long term. Only one piece is missing to complete this retro dressing room: the 90s style dress, l a must-have being the slip dress.

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How to copy the style of 90's fashion icons?

Several distinct styles clash. First, the style comfy played by Jennifer Aniston or Cindy Crawford and their associations jean mom + White t-shirt + hair scrunchie. The sexy cheerleader style adopted by pop stars Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey is also very popular. Wear bows in your hair, show off your athletic silhouette in bodysuits or short T-shirts that you accessorize with choker necklaces. The combo crop top + wide trousers are also acclaimed and contribute in particular to popularizing Spice Girls , main muses of the girl power . This contrasts with the minimalist style embodied by Kate Moss and her slip-dresses. A more underground trend is also surfacing: Rock T-shirts, cotton pants, add , babydoll dresses on a white top, platform shoes… This dark and sexy rather committed style is embodied by glam-rock singer Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love.

The Spice Girls at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997

Among men, low rise jeans and more specifically baggies are everywhere, including on rappers Tupac , Puff Daddy, Eminem and others. Overall, the 90s was a pretty laid back decade. The trend is towards checkered shirts thanks to the grunge influence of groups such as Nirvana, the turtleneck worn under the shirt, or even denim overalls and loose suits. Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant, Kurt Cobain and again Leonardo DiCaprio are very influential both in terms of style and their haircuts often provided with a wise parting in the middle. Punk rock also resurfaced at the end of the decade, seeing the emergence of bands like Blink 182 or Green Day inspired by the skater or glam rock style that would be much copied.

What were the key accessories of the 90's?

District accessories, the 90s have been prolific. Among the stars of this decade, an emblematic piece: the Kangol headgear. A brand dubbed icons of the 90s, from Michael Jordan to Eminem. The other star hat of the 90s is, of course, the cap. Signed Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger or, even better, with the image of an American basketball club, it returns to our dressing room without further delay. Side shoes , we take off: the sneakers see their soles become offset, imposing or notched like the Buffalo. Skateboard sneakers like Van's or even DC Shoes or Etnies are also part of it. To follow the grunge movement, we wear boots, rangers, or canvas shoes like Converse. Last fashion accessory 90s to adopt, and not least: the banana In its 4.0 version, it can also be worn over the shoulder and is available in all possible materials. Even the luxury houses got into it, Louis Vuitton , Prada and Dior en tête.

Levi's 501 90's jeans

How to dress like the 90s today?

Just take inspiration from the nineties fashion tribe to which you want to belong. Fancy a jean large et baggy ? We go to Balenciaga , Koché, Acne Studios and Christophe Lemaire. To bring it up to date, pair it with a white shirt, a suit jacket or a small cashmere sweater. On the arm, a pretty lady's bag, precious and elegant for maximum allure. You can also adopt the total denim look and opt for the emblematic jean Levi's 501 which has become the piece to own for a look that is both nineties and current. Pair it with a matching jacket, white top, platform sneakers, a crunchy scrunchie and go! We don't forget the slip dress , with its straight cut and thin straps, to put on over an immaculate T-shirt. Worn with fine and severe glasses, it is the best witness to the raw and sensual minimalism in force at the beginning of this decade.
For men, we also follow the total denim look by adopting the straight jeans , but we can also fall for a tracksuit , a set that had its advent in the nineties. Sported in total look, it then put the brands Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Ellesse or Lacoste in the spotlight. Good news, they have all been on the rise in recent seasons and offer more stylish tracksuits than ever.

How to style yourself for a 90s party?

In terms of style, no great decade is without faults in taste. In worst 90s fashion , we remember the transparent bra straps, the pantyhose of all colors, the butterfly barrettes or the hyper visible string thong. Maybe not the ideal pieces for a day at the office, but will be perfect for a 90s look during a costume party . We can find these relics of our adolescence with our parents or in second-hand clothes, as well as clothing stores of fast fashion. On the make-up side, we put on a complexion nude , a brown or royal blue eye shadow, a thin line of pencil at the root of the eyelashes and a matte lipstick that can be highlighted with a line of lip pencil.

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