'9 years of absolute love': Laurence Boccolini mother of Willow, tender message and photo for her birthday

The presenter of 'Everyone wants to take their place' is also a mom completely gaga of her daughter. If she protects her little one from the media like a wolf, she has told a lot about her combat journey to become a mother. Her daughter has just celebrated her birthday, she dedicates an Instagram post to her gently and preserving her privacy.

  '9 years of'amour absolu" : Laurence Boccolini maman de Willow, tendre message et photo pour son anniversaire

Laurence Boccolini shared several times in the press the difficulties she had having her daughter. She has made no less than five FIV before having the chance to be pregnant . Since the birth of his daughter, 9 years ago, it is (almost) radio silence on the subject. Apart from her first name, very little information leaks out on little Willow and not an image of her with her face uncovered. This long-awaited child is also Laurence Boccolini's whole life, which is why she discreetly shares important events in her life, such as her daughter's birthday.

Laurence Boccolini: her daughter Willow celebrates her 9th birthday, a beautiful publication on Instagram

It is with modesty that the former companion of Mickaël Faïkalo (Mister Tahiti 2002 and candidate for Mister France 2003) posted a photo of her hand shaking her child's hand on her Instagram account on November 5, 2022. The text accompanying the photo is touching and reserved. ' We go hand in hand. The highs, the lows, the difficult times, the immense joys and the small moments of sweetness , between tears and raindrops, small sorrows and bursts of laughter... 9 years of absolute and infinite love. It's all that matters. May your path be full of beautiful encounters and caring humans. happy birthday willow “, writes Laurence Boccolini.

This message triggered a ton of comments softened by the words of the host of 59 years. ' So cute ', ' Good and happy birthday to Willow, enjoy these moments together, I kiss you ', ' Happy birthday to you both, have a nice day '.

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Laurence Boccolini: her fight to become a mother

If nothing filters through on her little one, the host of France 2 has no trouble telling her desire to have wanted a child. ' There are people who can do without it. I didn't see the point of living without ', she told the magazine Gala in 2020. Two years ago, she posted a message of love to her daughter on Instagram where she recalled how motherhood had sublimated her life. ' Be your mom for almost 7 years. Life has given me the most beautiful gift on this earth: your arms around my neck to make me forget everything that hurts...???????? My most beautiful love story is you. Magic Willow???? Happy birthday to all mothers… '

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And, again, her daughter's face was only partially visible. Laurence Boccolini has always been careful not to expose her, because she doesn't want her to suffer from her fame. The host, very secretive about her private life – does she have a new companion, for example? - had explained it in an interview on the show C love Jordan for Entertainment TV. ' I want her to be quiet, I want her to be left alone at school '. And beware of anyone who would like to prevent it. Laurence Boccolini is a strong link ready to pull out her claws for her little girl.

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