80s style: what iconic looks and clothes to wear?

Bold, oversized and liberating, '80s style continues to inspire designers today. But how do you adopt her without looking like a teenager?

  80s style: what iconic looks and clothes to wear?

Jackets with shoulder pads, leggings, bold colors, neon and pastel, XXL earrings... We would think we were describing the latest ready-to-wear collections and yet these attributes are indeed those 80s , famous for their fashion style bold, their outfits chic and sometimes shock. Easy to adopt as its codes are straightforward and often brought up to date, the 80s fashion , for both women and men, remains risky if you overdo it. Small glossary to know how to make a 80s outfit without bordering on corny.

Why are the 80s coming back into fashion?

We don't teach you, fashion is an eternal renewal. And for a few seasons already, it's been a rain of mom jeans , white sneakers, fluo , of cake, of bananas and sequins that fell on our dressing rooms. The eccentricity of 80s dress style reigns again as master of trends, both in terms of materials and volumes: XXL shoulder pads, very marked waist, maxi earrings, oversized sweatshirts... Which mingle with pieces athleisure like white sneakers and sports socks. An ultra festive revival and powerful which pleases sportswomen as much as the working girl or the party queen . But also to creators, who Donatella Versace to Anthony Vaccarello, artistic director of the house of Saint Laurent, largely celebrated this aesthetic during their spring-summer 2022 shows.

What was fashion in the 80s?

The 80s , it is the cult of the body, wealth and celebration. After the disk and the peace and love of the 70s , the designers offer pop and tangy shades, with electrifying neon pieces and sequins. At the same time, the music new wave imposes black as the key color of the time and hip-hop contributes to the rise of streetwear. With so many possibilities, everyone could find their way around and assert their personality in complete freedom. Witness the fashion icons of that era, with eclectic styles such as Madonna's masculine feminine, George Michael's jeans, Cyndi Lauper's crimped hair, sequined gloves and leather pants. add of Michael Jackson, the royal and relaxed chic of Lady Diana, the tinsel of the series Dynasty

Les baskets Reebok Freestyle

What shoes did people wear in the 80s?

Each tribe has its flagship shoe. At that time, we finally wear baskets without going to the gym. This is the apogee of white sneakers and in particular Reebok Classic Freestyle that we also wear to reenact scenes from the film Flashdance . Those who opt for a more preppy style wear golf shoe-style derbies or even Paraboot , rockers wear Creepers , others put on black moccasins over white socks like their idol Michael Jackson , when the party girls put on their pointed-toe patent leather pumps or their platform sandals.

How to dress in 80s style today?

If at the time, everyone was damned in front of the shouldered jackets of Claude Montana and Thierry Mugler , Kenzo's ethnic style or Rei Kawakubo and for the eccentricity of Jean Paul Gaultier creations, it is now very easy to create a eighties look at a lower cost by digging into fast fashion brands like Shein, Nasty Gal or PrettyLittleThings, thrift stores and designers. Take a mom jeans, a pants spindle or a cyclist, an oversized vintage T-shirt, a denim jacket or an oversized sweatshirt, an XXL men's blazer, your best sneakers and let's go. I promise, the look 80's is not just for teenagers!

Calzedonia iridescent leggings

How to dress up for an 80s party?

It's your chance to go all out and emulate the vintage look of your 80s idols! It's up to you to choose who Jane Fonda prof d'aerobics, Crystal de Dynasty or Baby of Dirty Dancing you will camp tonight. Head to the second-hand clothes to find vintage eighties clothing like a proper suit, a retro top or high-waisted jeans from the era. You will easily find iridescent leggings at a low price, as well as the accessory essential, maxi clip-on earrings. On the make-up side, we bring out the pink or turquoise eyeshadow palettes that we associate with an intense lipstick, then we crepe the hair before tying it with a scrunchie, in velvet if possible. You are ready to go dancing on the best 80s music .

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