70s Style: All the Looks That Made 70s Fashion

A decade of freedom and pacifist demands, the seventies saw different fashion and musical currents coexist. Which gives many ways to dress according to his personality. Focus on the eclectic styles of the 70s.

  70s Style: All the Looks That Made 70s Fashion

The 1970s sounded the death knell for the recklessness of the Glorious Thirties with the Vietnam War and the oil shocks that plunged the West into a long economic crisis. the hippie movement was born following the Woodstock festival in 1969 and the youth then opted for a vindictive pacifism, while singing, dancing, smoking and advocating sexual freedom. On the radio, the melodies are also committed, psychedelic, spacey or folk and define the different clothing styles of the time.

Jean patte d'eph from Levi's

What was fashion in the 70s?

Among the iconic pieces, there are the elephant leg pants that are painted, embroidered, cut, or belted, the long and bohemian dress and the fluid midi skirt, the blouse with pussy bow, the T-shirt printed with the slogan ' Peace & Love ', the wide-brimmed hat, platform shoes, boots and thigh-high boots. If psychedelic patterns mingle with floral, oriental or even tie & dye , in terms of materials, we give pride of place to fluid fabrics, jean faux fur and suede. All in obviously pop colors such as orange, purple, apple green and red which contrast with mustard and brown. The sunglasses XXL and belts and jewelry borrowed from cultures other than American and European are also part of the hippie's ideal panoply.

Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin et Catherine Deneuve en 1977

In terms of fashion icons, the French Mireille Darc , Catherine Deneuve , Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy make people dream with their very personal style. Internationally, we also find the elegant Romy Schneider, the hippie Janis Joplin, the eccentric Cher, the very chic Lauren Hutton as well as Farrah Fawcett and her legendary blow-dry.

As far as designers are concerned, if Yves Saint Laurent continues to represent a certain French fashion, designers are gradually replacing couturiers: Issey Miyake and Karl Lagerfeld experiencing their first Parisian successes, Kenzo and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac bet on color, in Milan, Missoni meets with success with its colored knitwear, in London, Vivienne Westwood inaugurates punk fashion when in New York, Diane von Fürstenberg invents the wrap dress all in fluidity and adapted to all morphologies.

If the flagship pieces of the seventies are still ultra desirable, there are obviously failures. Like the shirts with pie scoop collars and the tight, ultra flared pants for the men , which rank in the top of the worst trends of the 70s.

Why are the 70s coming back into fashion?

Regularly, the seventies codes come to influence the trend. But in recent seasons, a wind of flower power breath a little harder. Witness the psychedelic and floral prints, the pop colors as well as the crochet pieces with contemporary lines that have invaded the ready-to-wear collections. And this in perfect opposition to the minimalist fashion of the past years.

Brownie Fashion Crochet Top

How to look 70's today?

Nothing could be simpler, since the current collections take up the codes vintage from the seventies, both in terms of shapes and colors. A boon to create a retro look but in tune with the times. For the summer, we treat ourselves to crochet pieces, flowing dresses and accessories to stripes , without forgetting the iconic XXL glasses and the capeline. You can also hunt for Issey Miyake, Kenzo or Saint Laurent pieces depending on the style you are looking for.

How to dress up for a hippie or disco party?

To disguise yourself, you can copy the look of dancinq queen of Abba, associate all the codes hippies to play Janis Joplin at Woodstock, but we mainly focus on accessories: John Lennon or XXL glasses, shell or ethnic jewellery, platform shoes and scarves in the hair. The latter must also be long, wavy or ultra brushed if you prefer the Californian look of Farrah Fawcett .

On the make-up side, we stay faithful to the character we portray. We bet on the natural or on the disco ball. The eyelids are then adorned with flashy colors and glitter, the skin is golden and the eyebrow thin like the iconic Donna Summer.

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