70% Off, Made.com Stock Coming Soon!

Founded in 2010, the London decoration brand filed for bankruptcy before being acquired by Next, a British clothing giant. As for the stocks of Made.com, they will be put on sale at bargain prices during February.

  70% Off, Made.com Stock Coming Soon!

Blow to the world of decoration. Having become a benchmark in designer furniture since its creation by Li Ning and Brent Hoberman 12 years ago, Made.com has gone bankrupt and many customers are still hoping to see their money back. What recourse do they have to get reimbursed? And we finally know when the stocks of the fallen brand will be on sale. We tell you everything.

When will Made.com inventory be sold and by whom?

Seats, lighting, decorative accessories... No less than 141,000 pieces of furniture and objects were sold to Noz, the French specialist in destocking, on January 20. The goal ? Reimburse Made.com's creditors. Located in Antwerp, Belgium, the stock brings together 113,000 trendy decorative items and 28,000 pieces of designer furniture. On sale at -70%, these products will arrive in Noz stores from February 7, 2023 for the first furniture deliveries. As for decoration and linens, we will have to wait until the following week, from February 13, 2023.


Why did Made.com close?

Lower demand due to inflation, supply and logistics issues... Despite collections that are always in tune with the times and beautifully crafted products, the dissatisfaction of customers, exasperated by fairly long delivery times and not always efficient customer service, is palpable. Also, the failed IPO of the company, which approached 775 million pounds in June 2021, did not help.

Who is the takeover of Made.com?

Placed in compulsory liquidation, the company Made Design Ltd has appointed three directors from the firm PricewaterhouseCoopers to manage its bankruptcy filing. As for the buyer, it is the British group and clothing giant, Next, which paid 3.4 million pounds to buy the brand , domain names and intellectual property of Made.com. Further proof, if one were needed, that Fashion and Decoration really go hand in hand.

Orders awaiting delivery: how do I collect them or get a refund?

After the closure of the Made.com site announced in Home, PwC, in charge of the file, indicated that it was not able to provide details on the progress of specific orders. However, they say 'expect all orders that have been validated to be delivered to customers by November 25, 2022 ' . And if you haven't received your order by this date, it's because they unfortunately weren't able to ship it to you.

You should then refer to the instructions set out in the creditor section of the PwC website. Concretely ? If you are registered as a creditor, you should have receive a message court administrators with a password giving you access to an online Creditor Portal. If necessary, the administrators invite you to complete the form provided for this purpose and you can also contact them by email at this address: [email protected]

On the brand's social networks, we measure, since the announcement of the liquidation and via comments, the extent of dissatisfied customers. Among the possible remedies for the latter, the association UFC-Que-Choose advised to check the tracking of the package. If he had been picked up by the carrier, he should have been delivered - unless he was worried about not being paid by the company. In this case, they could be asked to pay the delivery costs. And if it hadn't arrived on the distribution platform yet, then there was little chance that the coveted object would arrive at their home. In this case, it was recommended that they contact their bank For play their insurance bank card , which could protect them in the event of a commercial dispute. Also, be aware that some customers have seized the FEVAD (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling, and its mediator) , an entity capable of finding amicable arrangements. And, on Facebook, a group collects testimonials from injured customers waiting for a response.

Which sites to replace Made.com?

The brand having failed to save the furniture, here is the list of those that represent good alternatives to the British in terms of decoration:

  • NV Gallery
  • Coffee Home
  • Westwing Home
  • La Redoute Interiors
  • Houses of the world
  • Made in design
  • Habitat
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