60s style: how to take inspiration from the best looks of the sixties?

Audacity and stylistic revolution, futurism, emancipation of bodies, sexuality and bourgeois codes... The 60s marked a turning point in the history of fashion.

  60s style: how to'inspirer des looks phares des sixties ?

The 1960s style, for both men and women , is qualified by its audacity, also visible in the cinema, in music and in art. Because the key words of the 60's are originality and freedom to emancipate oneself from bourgeois codes and this passes (as so often) in particular by clothes .

Dior spring-summer 2022 show

Why does the 60s style still inspire fashion?

Fashion and its eternal renewal… In recent seasons, it has celebrated the return to grace of Swinging Sixties , its miniskirts and other vinyl jackets, in particular thanks to the revival of the brand Courreges , whose futuristic codes have been brought up to date. At the house of Versace we found, for example, graphic prints and oversized glasses in the fall-winter 2021-2022 collection, while at Dior , three-hole dresses and pop colors were everywhere for spring-summer 2022. And today's girls to appropriate these 60s style clothing to mix them with other current goods.

How did women dress in the 60s?

The 60s is the emancipation of the female body under the impetus of creators who come to explore a new femininity along with the development of society. Evidenced by the scandalous miniskirt of Mary Quant born at the beginning of the decade, but also the pants that the woman appropriates, as well as the pantsuit of André Courrèges then that of Yves Saint Laurent in 1965 which give power to the fairer sex. It is also a time when humanity's first steps on the moon inspire fashion designers. 'space age' with silver aluminum overalls, white boots inspired by those of astronauts, rigid materials like PVC...

Jacqueline Kennedy and her XXL glasses

But different fashion currents coexist: the Swinging Sixties d'une part , born in London, who value modernity and hedonism (miniskirt, trench coat, ankle boots with square heels and pop colors or gingham print…) and the hippie style on the other hand with his suede boots, his pants with very wide legs, her safari jacket and her dresses with psychedelic motifs. The fashion icons of the time echoed these movements, such as the model Twiggy and her trapeze dresses, Jackie Kennedy and his sunglasses XL, Francoise Hardy and his baggy jeans, Brigitte Bardot , her headband and her Vichy dresses.

If you like the aesthetics of this period, not everything is to be copied today. In the top of worst 60s trends , we list the printed tights, the surplus of stripes, the silver outfits that make it look like a fish in foil, but also the brushings and buns hyper voluminous lacquered galore.

How to adopt the 60's look today?

To constitute 60s style outfits for women , we must first have some essentials. Namely, a skirt , a mini dress and/or a coat always above the knees, or even mid-thigh in rigid materials such as PVC or vinyl. All in a straight or trapeze cut that does not mark the waist or the chest. On the color side, we prefer acid colors or white. If there is a print, we opt for polka dots, gingham or stripes. We add XXL plastic accessories if possible contrasting with a micro handbag. If we lean towards a more hippie silhouette , we choose pieces with fringes and paisley prints.

André Courrèges and his models in 1968

Want to whip up some 60s style? You can take inspiration from the period creations of Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin , André Courrèges or even Paco Rabanne . Their brands continue to spread their heritage and their fashion with sixties accents today. Less expensive but just as stylish: browse the stalls of thrift stores and some ready-to-wear brands that continue to be influenced by 60s fashion.

How to dress up for a 60s party?

Second-hand clothes, grandparents' closets, vintage shops… It's very easy to imitate the look of the idols of the 60s; unless we decide which one we will be tonight. Rather the elegant First Lady Jackie Kennedy ? The romantic Brigitte Bardot in his trap? The iconic boyish Londoner Twiggy And her signature makeup? In any case, there will be short, colored or white, oversized sunglasses and eyeliner alot. Question 60s hairstyle , we crepe the bun and we pass a ribbon or a headband. For the men , we play androgynous with flared pants or we transform into a member of an English pop group, in costume slim .

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