50s Style: What Was Fifties Women's Fashion?

1950, beginning of the post-war boom, haute couture revived its pre-war splendor and women returned home, dreaming of elegance and femininity.

  50s Style: What Was Fifties Women's Fashion?

As the post-war world rediscovered the joie de vivre and Paris its status as the capital of fashion, Dior's New Look revolutionized silhouettes and the rock of Elvis Presley invited itself into all homes. The woman who experienced emancipation during the war once again becomes a 'model wife', a 'mistress of the house' who takes advantage of innovations in household appliances to take more time for herself, gently yielding to the injunctions of targeted advertising in full expansion.

Audrey Hepburn dans 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' en 1961

What did people wear in the 1950s?

In 1947, Christian Dior showcases ultra-feminine silhouettes in its debut show; then born the New Look , which enhances the curves and highlights the chest and hips. This will set the tone for Hubert deGivenchy , Cristobal Balenciaga or Pierre-Balmain for the rest of the 1950s, which in turn drew the contours of a chic and glamorous woman, a source of inspiration even in Hollywood for actresses Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Women in hats and gloves, lovers of corolla dresses.

Brigitte Bardot in a bikini in the 50's

In 1946, the scandalous first bikini revealing the navel is presented in France. It will be necessary to wait a few years and its port by Brigitte Bardot in the 50's on the beach during the Cannes festival so that it becomes popular. This swimsuit, which liberates the body as much as it locks it up in the dictatorship of the regime, marks the appearance of pin-ups, these women drawn or photographed in sexy poses, symbols of charm and eroticism in the world. image of the iconic Marilyn Monroe . In parallel, the rock was born in the United States and with it a clothing style that we imprinted on James Dean or Elvis Presley, typical of the 1950s: slicked back hairstyles, add black, jeans, bowling shirts. It is this very specific style of the 50s that we call rockabilly . To visualize it, it's simple, just remember the looks of the film Grease . Pencil or flared dresses, gingham, polka dot or cherry print and on the head, headbands and barrettes.

Although it is very often imitated today, the 50s style is not not necessarily the easiest to appropriate in the XXI th century . Like the bibi, these mini headgear which were signs of great elegance at the time and which today seem ridiculous or reserved for the Prix de Diane. We also think of the pointed bra, very sexy then, less relevant today.

How to look 50's today?

That we are more New Look or pin-up, we imprint the main characteristics of these emblematic styles of fifties . corolla skirt, printed blouse and belted jacket for the first, robe heart neckline and skirt flared for a rockabilly look or pencil for a more femme fatale side for the second. The goal is always to highlight its forms. What if the leading brands of the time were Dior , Givenchy et Balmain , today you can find nuggets in vintage shops and accessories like cat's eye glasses almost everywhere.

Marilyn Monroe in 1958

How to dress for a vintage 50s party?

No need to spend thousands and cents to concoct a 50s costume . Head to the vintage shops and thrift stores of your city. Otherwise, feel free to rummage through your grandparents' closet, treasures from the fifties are surely there. All that remains is to take inspiration from one of the icons of the time: Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn , Marilyn Monroe or the character Sandy's Grease , you have the choice ! Only constraint: give everything on the hairstyle , which will be decisive for a successful vintage look. Hair rolled in banana and coated with Gomina for an inspiration rockabilly , a hair bun crepe and banana topped with a jewel for Audrey Hepburn version Breakfast at Tiffany's or a peroxide wig to imitate Marylin's so recognizable blonde. For makeup, only one watchword: a line of eyeliner and a red mouth.

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