5 tips for real heating savings

So that your bill does not reach peaks, here are some good tips to make real heating savings and heat more economically. Good ideas here!

  5 tips for real heating savings

In anticipation of the drop in temperatures, which should eventually arrive, (re)discover how to reduce your electricity bill. heater . These are very simple gestures and habits to put in place, although in the event of a persistent problem of loss of energy , then you may need to rethink your layouts. Ready to save on heating?

How to maintain your heating system?

It may seem obvious, but we can forget it as long as we don't have a problem, regular maintenance of the heating system will guarantee its proper functioning. So we do check its installation , such as the boiler, by a professional every year before winter. We also regularly dust off the electric radiators to be sure that they are not wasting energy for nothing, and we make sure that no decorative objects, such as drapes or a piece of furniture, does not prevent the good diffusion of heat.

How to avoid overheating?

It is certainly a truism but it is important: to save heating, heat less! It is not always known that the recommended temperatures do not rise higher than 19°C for the living rooms and 17°C for the bedrooms . You can also lower the thermostat by 2°C before going to bed to further reduce your consumption and remember to turn off the radiators when you air a room. Equip yourself with thermometers to place one in every room and not let your feelings drive you crazy!

What types of openings to opt for?

No secret, to avoid overheating, your home must keep the heat in efficiently, and your openings have an important role to play in this. So bet on double or even triple glazed windows and with optimal energy performance (indicated by the Uw coefficient), and on an entrance door that will not allow any drafts to pass through, with a low thermal transmission coefficient Ud.
If you don't have the budget to change doors and windows, caulk them as much as possible with new adhesive seals , expanding foam, a thermal curtain and a door bottom. Don't forget the shutters , to be absolutely closed at night to keep the heat even more.

Why bet on a connected system?

As you know, connected systems are increasingly popular in the home, and radiators are not left out! If you have to change equipment anyway, connected radiators will allow you to save heating costs because you can remote control the temperature of each room and thus manage unforeseen absences or hasty departures with, for example, the towel dryer at the maximum thermostat. Some even detect open windows to shut down automatically. Smart!

When to re-insulate the house?

And if the heat losses are really too high in your home, then you may need to consider re-insulating the roof and/or walls to make real energy savings. Certainly quite considerable and expensive work, but be aware that there are aids, in particular thanks to the device 'Heating boost' set up by the government: you may be able to benefit from a bonus, calculated according to the amount of your income and thus get out of fossil fuels.

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