5 tips for a makeover after a day after the party

Blurred complexion, puffy eyes, half-mast hair... The aftermath of a party is tough on our self-esteem! How to restore a little freshness to our complexion and enhance its pretty face? Check out our 5 tips.

  5 tips for a makeover after a day after the party

1. I refresh my eyes...

  • The finding: To neutralize the inevitable combo puffy eyes and dark circles - consequence of not removing make-up the day before but also of excess alcohol and a (too) rich meal - we stick to a 100% freshness program for our little peepers!
  • Action : To decongest the eyelids, we put everything on the application of cornflower water compresses . Leave on for at least 5 minutes then moisturize with an eye contour that will fill in small hollows and plump up the fine skin under the eyes. When applying, tap lightly from the outside to the inside of the eye to activate micro-circulation and gently remove the last purplish traces of dark circles.
  • Beauty treatment : Apply a suitable concealer to our problem: if our dark circles are blue, we opt for an orange corrector. If they are purplish, we bring shine with yellow colors.

2. I plump up my lips!

  • The finding: The holidays are often synonymous with small (or large) excesses... Alcohol and/or cigarettes damage the lips and considerably alter their hydration! Result: when we wake up, they are dry and chapped. To bring them back to life, a small moisturizing program is essential.
  • Action : We perform a gentle scrub , for example with sugar. Once rid of dead skin, our lips are ready for a hydration treatment. Balm based on honey, sweet almond oil or even shea butter... We select ultra-gentle ingredients to pamper our lips! For even more comfort, we turn to hydration lip masks which act like a serum: the skin is durably nourished.
  • Beauty treatment : To beautify the lips, opt for a low-pigmented and/or glittery lipstick that offers long-lasting hydration (we prefer a composition based on oils or nourishing butter). Velvet lips are yours!

3. I hydrate my skin with targeted products

  • The finding: Rest assured, we are not in the remake of the movie E.T! Our grayish complexion - from ingesting rich foods and sugary drinks - is transient. With simple gestures of hydration, our skin will regain its pretty colors.
  • Action : To eliminate small dead cells, we embark on a face scrub. Gently exfoliate the skin to prepare it for a good hydration bath... There's nothing like a nourishing and/or moisturizing mask, applied in a thick layer to the dermis. Leave to act for ten minutes then massage with the pulp of your fingers going towards the top of the face.
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  • Beauty treatment : Finally, apply your daytime moisturizer and let it penetrate gently... Peachy skin, you say?

4. I have a light hand on the foundation

  • The Finding: After feasting all night, our skin looks gray in the early morning... Dull complexion, small pimples, dehydrated skin: between our mirror and us, war is declared!
  • Action : To pacify relationships and regain our youthful complexion, head to the BB creams, preferably light and non-comedogenic . Objective: not to weigh down your features with an overly covering foundation that could accentuate the signs of dehydration and skin irregularities.
  • Beauty treatment : We opt for a light and luminous BB or CC cream and apply a transparent powder over it to mattify our face. Neither seen nor known: our complexion radiates!

5. I pamper my hair

  • The finding: At a party, we fidget on the dance floor, we sweat and the next day... The hair is greasy and flat.
  • Action : To give a little freshness and shine to our mane, we opt for a mild shampoo (which will not attack our scalp) and we massage our skull deeply. Objective ? Tone the hair and give it volume! We rinse with fresh water (if possible... for non-chilleuse!) and we launch into a restorative mask. By leaving it on for ten minutes on damp hair, its action is reinforced.
  • Beauty treatment : On the drying side, you have a light hand on the hair dryer to avoid burning your hair fiber. The little extra? A moisturizing mist spray that will bring shine... Let's party again!
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