20s style: how to adopt iconic outfits and dresses?

A century after their heyday, the Roaring Twenties continue to fascinate with their feathers, fringes, Art Deco motifs... Deciphering the ecstatic style of the 1920s.

  20s style: how to adopt iconic outfits and dresses?

After the restrictions of the First World War, the world is celebrating and thirsting for pomp as well as freedom. Glamorous and modern, the style 1920s dress exudes glitter and opulence, but also participates in the emancipation of the body. The sizes are less marked and low, the dresses shorter, wider, more fluid and very sensual. We wear a lot of jewelry, pearls, echoing the stripes dresses that move at the same time as you dance the Charleston. As for shoes, we prefer small thick heels and T-bar shoes, which are more comfortable for moving all night long.

What did 1920s fashion look like?

Paris then attracts many artists of all kinds who will feed the inspiration of many designers. More than two-thirds of French women dress made-to-measure, fashion houses are ultra-profitable. A veritable golden age of creation, this decade saw star designers stand out like a certain Gabrielle Chanel , Jean Patou, rocks , Madeleine Vionnet or even Paul Poiret . If the latter two create glamorous and festive looks with multiple drapes intended for evenings Gatsby the magnificent , others advocate a more androgynous fashion.

For the first time, work clothes are diverted, sportswear and casual wear are born since the very fashionable sports and leisure activities impose comfortable outfits...Coco Chanel thus brings in the blazer, the trousers, the tie and the skirt -panties in the women's locker room.

At that time, women obtained the right to vote in Great Britain, and around the world, the pixie cut was in great demand to copy the flappers , these boyish women from the United States. The actress Marlène Dietrich is the ambassador of the androgynous allure and boyish , daring to men's suit . Thinness is then celebrated, tanning authorized.

Josephine Baker in 1928

How to dress today like in the 1920s?

More than a total look, we seek more to distill some elements of the style of the 1920s in a current outfit. In this way, it can suit all body types, whether tall, round , small or thin. If you want to copy the sportswear of the 1920s, nothing could be simpler. We pick retro-looking clothes from our wardrobe like a pleated tennis skirt and a wide V-neck sweater. For the day, we opt for a shirt dress, a key piece of the 20s wardrobe, choose in bright colors and above the knee.

We can also pay tribute to the Chanel little black dress , which became a classic of the time, glorifying the darkest of shades that had until then been reserved for funerals. To concoct a 20s look , treat yourself to a long coat with a bathrobe collar and (faux!) fur, the centerpiece of the Roaring Twenties silhouette. On the accessories side, we opt for headbands and necklaces, highly desirable at the time. If you have a head with a hat, you can dare the cloche hat which will sublimate a boyish cut . So many perfect pieces to get to a retro wedding inspired by the 20s style.

An image from the series 'Peaky Blinders' broadcast on Netflix

How to dress up for a 20s party?

How not to think of the series' gangster costumes Peaky Blinders , examples of 20s style for men, or Josephine Baker's charleston dresses for a fancy dress party or a Roaring Twenties-themed wedding?

We head to second-hand clothes to unearth a hat, a necklace or a vintage bag. To imitate the women of the time, wear a short, straight dress embroidered with rhinestones, sequins or feathers, as well as elbow-length gloves. And for attitude, we bring the ultimate cigarette holder. You can also play androgynous with a gangster double-breasted suit or a worn tuxedo with a jumper. On the make-up side, we concoct a perfect complexion and a smoky eye deep. The mouth should be red and heart-shaped. For the hairstyle, we collect her hair in a notched bun and we associate a ribbon or a headband to wear on the forehead.

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