2022 Gourmet Advent Calendars: Confectionery, Salty and Sweet

Christmas will be gourmet and original this year! We forget the traditional chocolate Advent calendars, make way for tasting savory and sweet products and drinks. Beer, honey, sausage, cakes, everything is good to wait before D-Day.

  Calendars of the'Avent 2022 gourmands : des confiseries, du salé et du sucré

In 2022, be demanding! For the end-of-year celebrations, treat yourself to a tasty advent calendar . Discover our selection of advent calendars confectionery, in savory and sweet or alcoholic versions. Declined in a thousand forms, the gourmet calendar delighted all desires . Full of surprises , young and old will find shoes to suit them. Tour de table of gourmet calendars that will make you appreciate the countdown before Christmas .

Good Mom Advent Calendar

Embark on a magical journey on Bonne Maman's Christmas carousel. In this limited edition, the gourmet advent calendar overflowing with delicacies . From jams to infusions, biscuits and fruit jellies, the month of December will be a taste success !

  • Prix: 29.90 euros
  • Where to buy it: Online and in specialty channels
  • site of Good Mom

Comtesse de Barry Advent Calendar

With the Comtesse de Barry, you will have something put the small dishes in the big ones . The salty Advent calendar is impressive: it can even be used as a pre-Christmas gift. Thanks to multiple mini-pots, lovers of savory tastings will be served. Before Christmas, there will be an opportunity to taste duck terrine with green pepper, vegetable rillettes with seaweed or even guinea fowl terrine.

Flemish Country Brewery Advent Calendar

Amber, coppery, blond, dark... Beer lovers will be able to taste all the beers ! By selecting 24 bottles of 33 cl , the Brasserie du Pays Flamand offers to do the countdown before Christmas while quenching your thirst.

  • Prix: 85 euros
  • Where to buy: Online or in store, on sale October 24, pre-order available on site
  • the site of the Flemish Country Brewery

Ladurée Advent Calendar

As if you were entering a magical store. By opening the doors of the Ladurée Advent calendar, your stomach may be racing A: Calissons from Aix-en-Provence, little gourmet chocolates or even jam are hidden in the little boxes to be opened every day.

  • Prix: 72 euros
  • Where to buy it: in store or on the site from November 14, 2022
  • site of L lasted

Advent Calendar The House of Whiskey

24 vials of 2 cl of whiskey, 24 online masterclasses : this is the content of the 'Le Monde des Whiskeys Academy' calendar. During the month of December, the lucky holder of this calendar will be able to enjoy a variety of whiskeys from all over the world . And for the most curious, a QR code allows access to a site to learn more about specificities and history of each distillery .

  • Prix: 99 euros
  • Where to buy it: in store or on the site from October 15, 2022
  • site of The House of Whiskey

To wait before the holidays, all taste buds can be conquered . Several weeks before the start of the festivities, other brands will still unveil their gourmet calendars. Stay tuned , we will continue to announce them to you!

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