2000s style: how to dress according to Y2K fashion?

A decade when fashion would have known its darkest hours, the 2000s nevertheless experienced a comeback in the hearts of the youngest. Deciphering Y2K trends and the times.

  2000s style: how to'habiller suivant la mode Y2K ?

Low waist jeans , exposed thong, tracksuit Juicy Couture , butterfly belts, Von Dutch cap, glasses with colored lenses, navel piercing, complexion worked with self-tanning... 2000s are full of iconic parts and codes. Long decried as the era of bad taste, this unbridled fashion that does not take itself seriously is nevertheless experiencing a comeback thanks to the new generation. This youth who did not know before the Internet fantasizes and seizes the aesthetics of this period through social networks, giving rise to this trend called Y2K , Anglo-Saxon abbreviation of 'year 2000'.

The Blumarine spring-summer 2022 fashion show

Why are the 00s coming back into fashion?

Following the Covid crisis, nostalgia for a certain era and in particular 2000s has established itself. Thanks to the series and films watched during confinement, teenagers have discovered the aesthetics and popular culture of 00's and gave him thanks via the social network TikTok by notably wearing bootcut jeans. The catwalks were quick to present collections incorporating these codes; we think in particular of Blumarine and her denim butterfly crop top as well as the shower of low-rise, cargo or baggy pants. And celebrities endorse the trend, like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid who have become Y2K style icons.

What is Y2K style?

It may have a bad reputation with Generation Y, since garish and too much, today's youth, from schoolgirls to students, seizes this 2000s fashion. Proof of the craze, the tag #y2kfashion which exceeds 410 million views on TikTok. Colored eye shadow, ultra-plucked eyebrows, braided locks... It's also level beauty look May the 2000s come back strong.

We copy the Y2K style icons, either Paris Hilton and her Juicy Couture peach skin tracksuits, Jennifer Lopez and her XXL belts, Christina Aguilera and its scarves worn as a top or the Destiny Child's and their iconic camouflage print.

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton in 2004

How to have a Y2K style?

The key pieces to adopt are a large type cargo pants or baggy in jeans, paired with a crop top or a corset-style top, sunglasses and mules with heels . You can also add a mini dress with spaghetti straps (typical 2000s) worn over a jean bootcut . Add here and there rhinestones and butterfly patterns and you're done! To find clothes of this type that look really authentic, we go to second-hand Depop platforms, Vinted or Le Bon Coin. The latter, thanks to their wide choice of products at affordable prices, have made it possible to increase the popularity of this trend. But you can also find it in fast fashion stores like NastyGal , Boohoo or Bershka, some of which have dedicated categories.

A look from the latest collection of the Miaou brand

What are the worst fads of the 2000s?

They are numerous, but we can mention in particular the Fishnet Tees , pointy-toe ballet flats, the thong that protrudes , mittens and ultra-plucked eyebrows… Non-exhaustive list to fill in according to your memories of the time.

How to dress up for a 2000 party?

We are inspired by the stars of the time: we can replay the couple Justin Timberlake et Britney Spears in her iconic total denim look, imitating girlfriends Paris Hilton et Nicole Richie in high-heeled pumps, mini skirts and ultra-tight peach-skin sweatshirts, or even form a group of girls to portray the heroines of Lolita Despite Me .

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