100 euros per month to live: Maëlle, 20, launches an SOS

On Tiktok, a young student from Sciences Po shared a poignant message to denounce the precariousness in which she finds herself. She tries to live and study, with a scholarship of only 100 euros per month. Faced with his situation, Internet users launched an online kitty which reached more than 14,000 euros.

  100 euros per month to live: Maëlle, 20, launches an SOS

Maëlle is one of those young people who face, not without difficulty, the student precariousness . For four years, the 20-year-old young woman, a student at Sciences Po, has seen her situation deteriorate, due to calculations and an impersonal and incongruous scholarship system. So much so that today it survives more than anything else. It was therefore in tears, this Tuesday, November 1, on her TikTok account that she appealed for help to denounce her precarious daily life and the almost grotesque amount of her scholarship paid by the Crous.

'I'm supposed to live on 100 euros a month'

In her video message, Maëlle explains that she entered her fourth year of studies, continuing her studies abroad from Berlin. And this year she saw her scholarship reduced to 100 euros. 'It's been 4 years that every year they decrease my scholarship. In first year, I could just live with my scholarship and it was really great, knowing that my parents cannot pay for my studies. They cannot afford The second year, my scholarship was cut in half,” she explains very moved. The young woman had no choice but to take a job on the side to finance her daily life and her rent. 'I then arrived in Berlin and I had to work 20 hours a week, in addition to my lessons, which were also 15-20 hours in total, it's huge, I worked a lot, I was super tired but they lowered my purse again (...) This year, we broke a record, I have a scholarship of 100 euros per month and with that I am supposed to live, pay my groceries and my rent of 400 euros . I'm abroad so everything is more expensive ' Reason given: his parents live in Mayotte, 'so they have a higher salary' . However, the reality of his family living in the overseas departments is much more complex. Maëlle's father is unemployed, only her mother works and recently she got a raise to be able to cope with the staggering inflation which affects the inhabitants of Mayotte even more than the metropolitans. 'A cheese costs 10 euros. The fact that my parents have more money means that they take it out of my purse, knowing that these coins are for them to live on and not to help me.'

'My studies are taking a hit'

Maëlle's hectic daily life, between her studies, her work and her fears of not having enough money to live on, has an undeniable impact on her schooling but also on her morale. 'My studies are taking a hit, but I'm working and I don't say anything. Here I have another job interview. How many hours will I have to work to pay for my life?', she asks, distraught. The young student tried to get help by contacting the Crous, in vain. The officers responded 'that they can't do anything'. She also asked them for emergency help to pay her rent, which she was denied. 'The lady said to me 'but you worked this summer you should have money', I told her that I had helped my parents and she yelled at me on the phone saying that I don't have to to help', she says.

An SOS understood

Today, Maëlle, like other students who may be in this situation, is exhausted. She does not understand the scholarship system in France and experiences this situation as a profound injustice. 'I can't take it anymore, I'm struggling to study when I shouldn't be struggling so much just because my parents don't have the means. They (Crous editor's note) never want to take personal cases, And if you want something in particular, you have to do hundreds of steps. 'Faced with her distress and her testimony, Internet users decided to mobilize to help the student. They created an online kitty Leetchi, which reached 14,191 euros. Since then, Maëlle's story has been shared en masse In another video on TikTok, she announced that she had been contacted by the cabinet director of the interministerial delegate to provide an update on her situation. The young student intends to make things happen for her but also for other students. of the DOMs.

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