10 tips for managing a wedding in rainy weather

Rain at a wedding doesn't mean the end of the festivities! Our advice for managing well if the bad weather shows up on D-Day.

  10 tips for managing a wedding in rainy weather

'Rainy wedding, happy wedding'. How about bringing this saying to life? That the rain starts falling on your big day does not mean that you will enjoy precious moments with your loved ones less. A few simple tricks can fix the problem!

1 - Have a backup plan in case of a wedding in the rain

The weather is unpredictable months in advance, when planning the wedding. However, in certain seasons and in certain regions, we know that the risks are greater. If the idea that it rains on D-Day worries you, you can anticipate by planning a plan de secours . For the reception, which often takes place outside, ask the owner of the place beforehand if there is a room that you could invest if the rain came. If it's not the case, a tent or gazebo will do. You can rent one, and only ride it if necessary. It is the same if you have planned a secular ceremony outdoors !

2 - Adapt wedding entertainment

Activities are often the biggest problem if it's raining on the wedding day. If you had planned specific activities for the children of the guests, you can opt for a tent or a room reserved for them. If your reception room is big, you can do them on the dance floor, next to the tables. Finally, you can also replace planned activities. Indoors, very fun little games that require little or no equipment will do the trick. This is for example the case of the game of duets: the guests must find among the others a person (that you will have determined in advance) with whom they will form a duet. It's great fun and it allows you to get to know each other when there are a lot of guests who have never seen each other.

3 - An original wedding photo shoot, in the rain

Rain doesn't mean your wedding photos will fail. On the contrary, it can even be very original and, above all, very romantic! Ask your photographer to take a picture of you kissing under an umbrella, through a glass on which the drops are dripping... Guaranteed effect! As for group photos, they can be taken inside the reception hall. Don't worry: the professionals are prepared for all situations and will be able to guide you. Remember to choose pretty accessories with why not: an all-white umbrella!

Wedding photos in the rain

4 - Take the opportunity to make an original guest gift

If you hadn't thought about the possibility of it raining and taking you by surprise on D-Day, mandate teams made up of your families and your witnesses to go around the local supermarkets and bring back umbrellas. On the other hand, if you anticipate the coming of the rain upstream, you can take advantage of it to make a guest gift that will be out of the ordinary: a personalized umbrella! You can either have their first name written in the middle of the same motifs as those on your wedding invitation, or write your names and the date of the wedding… There are many possibilities. And if, in the end, it is sunny, the umbrellas can still be used, but as parasols.

5 - Candles, fireplace, decoration... Warm up the atmosphere

The rain is here, it's bad luck. But many solutions exist to warm the atmosphere. If the weather forecast announces the arrival of bad weather a few days before the wedding, you still have time to go buy pretty candlesticks and candles that you can place on the tables and on the buffet for the reception. This will be a source of light, but it will also provide some warmth! If your place has a fireplace, ask the owner if it is possible to make a fire there. In addition to providing a source of heat, this can allow you to have a small intimate corner for the evening.

When it's all gray and it's raining, we can also adapt your wedding decor. Install fairy lights and replace white candles with candles on pastel or bright tones... It will bring a touch of color and light that will put a smile on everyone's lips!

6 - A hot drinks bar or food truck

If the weather is bad (or you are getting married in the fall or winter), organize a hot drink bar is a great option. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate … This will warm the body and the spirit of your guests and will bring an appreciable cocooning atmosphere.

7- Plaids and blankets to warm the guests

When a wedding takes place during a warm season, the guests may not have expected that the weather would be bad. In this case, do not hesitate to propose plaids and blankets to match the wedding decoration, which will allow guests to stay warm.

8 - Adapt the bride's outfit

While the groom will be protected by his suit jacket, the bride will not! This one can anticipate by buying a pretty white stole or in the colors of the decoration . Whether it rains or not, she will be very happy to find it when the coolness arrives in the evening. As for shoes, if you go for sandals or pumps and the weather puts you in the face of reality, plan ahead (just in case) a non-slip pad on the sole so as not to slip when going to the altar or arriving in the reception hall. Also keep aside a pair of white sneakers that you will use anyway during the evening to dance.

9- A waterproof makeup

Although this is often the case to prevent them from ruining their makeup by shedding a little tear during the exchange of vows or speeches, it is important to emphasize to the person doing the makeup to use products that are water resistant. Once the make-up is finished, we fix everything with a waterproof fixing mist and, thus, the beauty setting will remain impeccable all day long.

10 - We keep smiling despite the rain

We know it's easier said than done! And we understand why: this marriage, you have been preparing for it for months, even years. Then see your plans upset by unforeseen weather elements. Start by trying to accept that you can't fight it so you can find the solutions that work best for you. Also remember that many people got married on a rainy day and remember it fondly! Instead of letting yourself get demoralized, which will ruin your big day, stay positive. Also remember that a smile is contagious: seeing you put on a big smile, your guests won't be able to help but do the same.

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