10 signs that prove that your child has become a teenager

You haven't seen your baby grow, time flies so fast. And even if you find it hard to admit it, it is clear that he has become a teenager like the others. Proof by 10.

  10 signs that prove that your child has become a teenager

Of course, he will always be...your 'baby'. But in the meantime, he asks only to be treated like an adult! Approaching the adolescence , you will quickly find that his behavior changes, but yours must change too if you want to avoid conflict. Here are a few unmistakable benchmarks:

He asserts himself... a bit too much !

Your child rebels for everything and provokes you, he opposes what you say, rejects you as soon as you open your mouth and no longer obeys? He is in full period of teenage rebellion . Take your pain in patience, and stay calm while setting clear limits, waiting for it to pass.

He is testing new looks

Teenagers often have a lack of self-confidence. As a result, they seek each other out, copy their favorite singers or classmates, and try new clothing styles, because ' it's the fashion ! '. To avoid missteps, nothing like a family shopping spree or a mother-daughter makeup class.

He becomes very flirtatious

Your boy has asked you to buy him gel, and uses your hair dryer to get ready every morning before going to school. When it rains, he prefers your umbrella: the hood risks messing his hair!

You buy her a pack of deodorants

Paradoxically, although he pays attention to his image, your teenager does not always realize the smell he gives off. You are often reminding him that it is time for him to take a shower or put on deodorant!

He is in his world

When you call him to come to the table, it is better to approach him or wave to him, he surely has the music in his ears. You hear him hum and sing as if he were alone in the world.

He needs privacy

Be careful not to enter his room without knocking three times on the door or saying the magic word! Your teenager cultivates his secret garden, it's up to you to respect it.

He's glued to his cell phone

His hobby? Surf the internet, and chat with friends on WhatsApp, Snapchat or SMS, even if they're sitting on the same couch! And if he takes pictures of certain landscapes, don't think he has found his professional path, he wants above all to post them on Instagram to have more fans.

He is always tired

On weekends, when you ask him about his day's program, he naturally replies 'Nothing!' He doesn't get up until noon, and he's constantly exhausted. Do you a favor and get some bread down the street? Impossible, he's too lazy!

He speaks a new language

He begins all his sentences with ' wesh 'He calls his buddies' brother' or ' big', he answers 'It's outrageous! ', ' it's downgraded ', ' too fresh ' and Dabs when he's happy he ' hit bars 'to say that he is' MDR '...Look, you can't quite keep up with all his new teen expressions anymore!

He doesn't give a damn

Nothing matters to him! Especially when he is reprimanded for not tidying up his room, or for breaking everything in his path, without picking anything up. ' It's ok, it's not the end of the world “, are the only words that come out of his mouth. Do like him, and learn to put things into perspective!

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