10 sentences not (especially) to say to your teenager

Pimples, homework, love... There are a multitude of subjects that are best avoided when talking to a teenager. But it's not always that simple. Discover 10 sentences he can't stand!

Like all parents, you are a fan of little phrases that have the gift of putting your angry teenager or even rob him. But maybe you are also sometimes remorseful after saying these murderous sentences? This often leads to questions from you: what was hurtful about that sentence? Why can't you approach this subject smoothly? You do not always realize what was derogatory in your remark. But be aware that certain phrases are unquestionably to be avoided when addressing your teenager.

Unless you are like those parents who voluntarily annoy their teenager. Some people like to make teasing little remarks or who can't help but make disparaging remarks. If you are in this case, however, you will have to learn to turn your tongue seven times in your mouth if you want your family life not to turn into a nightmare! Indeed, the adolescence is a sometimes very complicated period of life when young people are in constant opposition and where all feelings are mixed. Fear, anger, joy... It's not always easy for teenagers to put into words what they really feel. So if the parents make annoying, repetitive, even embarrassing thoughts, it is even less easy for them to manage this period of life. To no longer be part of these unbearable parents, discover the anthology of phrases that have the gift of irritating young people. Among them, there is at least one that you have already said once to your teenager. We take bets!

Source journaldesfemmes.fr